Four Artists From Another World

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Four Artists From Another World

By: Nathan Emorey OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Nathan Hendrix and his three busters; Harry, Sindra and Orcus. Four regular humans who's lives depended on art! These four were highly immersed into each art piece they made, giving it to most amusing and detailing stories no one could comprehend that the four of them made an artwork which they mysteriously appeared into after Nathan's hidden several attempts to find his long lost lover Amanda who disappeared leaving no trace. Nathan has a choice. To stake his three friends; leaving them in the Kingdom of Arthora to be executed in the hands of Arthora's worst enemies The Werewolves and coming back with his heartbeat Amanda, or saying goodbye to her forever, rescuing his friends from a world that never existed! What choice would Nathan make?

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  • Nathan Emorey


    I'm an artist, I'm gonna love this.. going well ......

    2022-09-06 18:38:38
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'Knock, knock', Nathan knocked as hard as he could on Harry's wooden door, of about 7 feet tall with the broadest smile he displays when he is about to pass on a goodnews. 'Who's there?' replied a tiny voice. Should probably be Harry's sister. 'Why does it always have to be her answering the door?' Nathan angrily thought. As he then changed the tone if his voice, trying to copy that of John's. "Tell Harry it's John and that I want to see him now". Nathan said, but this time, hiding his face from the tiny hole that bored through the old door, so, the little girl won't know it is him. After waiting for about 10 seconds, Harry burst the door open, smiling as hard as his pink lips could reach his ears. "Are we in?" He asked Nathan as though he had been praying all night for a goodnews, which he probably was, telling from his dull eyes that he barely had a proper night rest. "Well,...." Nathan said halfway as Harry grabbed his hand and pulled him over to a nearby parking lot. "Come on
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Harry met up with Sindra and Orcus at the spot where they bought their first Acrylic paint. Harry was on a customized T-shirt that had the write up 'I Sleep At 01'. That should probably be the reason why his eyes looked dull when he met with Nathan. The three set of to the little cottage where 19years old Nathan Hendrix lived alone with Popsicle, his fluffy Chihuahua that Uncle Ford passed on to him on his graduation. Nathan rushed to his door as he heard the bell rang. His friends could tell, he had been sketching ideas that they would use for the upcoming competition. "Come in" Nathan welcomed the three, as they took their places and bumped into their favorite part of the house - the bed where Popsicle was lying soundly. Nathan's bed was so soft that one could literally swim in it. "Coffee?" Nathan rhetorically asked as he brought 3 teacups and presented it to his friends to sip so they won't fall asleep as they always do while having a conversation. Especially Harry. The young
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As Harry shoved the door to his home open, he was aback by the scene he stumbled upon. "Whaaaaat???!!! No, no, no, no...." Harry screamed running towards the broken glasses and woods and torn pieces of cloth that lay helplessly on the unkept floor. Tears rolled repeatedly from his eyeballs down to his beautifully rounded cheeks and onto the already soaked piece of canvas. "It can't be....!!!" He wept profusely as he sat helplessly on the floor, his back leaning against the thin air that wasn't enough to hold the young man. At this point, he became unconsciously confused, trying to determine whether it was his heart or his art that has been shred apart. "You will all pay... I'll kill you all..." He screamed as loudly as his mature voice could go after he had successfully gathered the huge amount of remains, and then, dashed towards the direction of his room. Mr. Adam had taken the rest of his family which definitely excluded Harry to Bolton's park in town with his Ferari 250 GTO
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"Boys! Getting ready for the competition? It's a few weeks away huh?" Uncle Ford said as his two boys who looked like birds with different colour splashes were quietly applying paint onto their canvasses blindfolded. "What are you up to this time? I see you're painting Jane, Sindra" Uncle Ford said amusingly which caused Sindra to quickly take off his blindfold as well as Orcus. "Ooooohhh.... Sindra c'mon dude. Approach her already. Your connection is stronger than you think you know" Orcus jested his brother who was now looking unusually at the work he just did which indeed portrayed some features of Jane. Like her thick eyebrows, her blue eyeballs and her majestic hair curl which were not clearly visible. "Ugghh... Why can't I concentrate?" Sindra lamented as he reached out to take another piece of canvas and attempted to try again. "Why don't you take a break and join me in the sitting room while I confer you a few tips?" Uncle Ford said to his sons as he smiled his way through
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"I'm not your sweetheart and I'm not sitting anywhere. Infact, I'm not having your stupid meal. You know what? Take this..." Harry pulled the shirt and the sneakers he wore on his feet and threw it to the ground right next to his older brother. Then with the shorts he wore and the singlet on his broad looking body, he turned to take his leave when his father stopped him. "Harry, look here young man, it's your choice to make. You're a man now and I will not make choices for you. If you think being an artist and painting for years with those fuckin' brushes of yours, will make you succeed, which of course you never will, then SO BE IT! Have it your way" His father said in attempt to scare the young man showing him the harsh reality of life in just 5 minutes. Then took two steps and sat on a log of wood beside the fire they had set. Harry who was now looking emotionless took two more steps away when his mother called "Harry baby, please, listen to your father. There's a better life for
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"Dad, about our competition, we will be needing a very massive canvas, since all four of us will take portions in one piece." Sindra informed his father. "I think I know what you need" Father said and went into his art gallery storage followed by his sons. He searched and searched for about 3 minutes when 'aha' he finally found it. His own personal board that has been with him for over 20 years! This one is very very old indeed ."Woah. . . .! This is jumbo man. . . ." The young men exclaimed exitedly. Father brought it down from an old shelve with support from his boys and then blew some concentrated dust out from it. He paused for a bit, smiled as if remembering an old memory, faced his boys again and said.."This..."He said "is the biggest gift I received from the Songbird Art Contest in North America around about 1960. I was the second runner up, and was gifted this." He said proudly. "I kept it safe till today because I had always wanted to show my kids that they can be like
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"Woof.. Woof. ." Popsicle softly barked as Sindra and Orcus emerged into the unlocked door and ran towards them for a cuddle. "Hey Nathan. . . we're home" Orcus called out as Sindra stroked Popsicle a sweet soft cuddle on her hairy fur. Sindra bumped on the bed and stared for a while while Orcus stood at the door entrance looking up, down back and frony like he was investigating the house..."Something wrong dude?" So stood up and asked."Hmm, something doesn't seem too right. ." Orcus could tell from the opened door to the halfway painted art fixed to a stand. He paced forward slowly towards the back door but stumbled on nothing! "Where'd he go?" He thought hardly."Hey Sindra, I can tell something feels wired, I don't know, maybe my instincts. . ." Orcus called out to his brother who was now gently following Popsicle to a lower deck of the house through an old creaky stairs. Orcus trailed quickly as well. Pacing as quietly as he could. "I don't think we should go in there Sindra.
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With eyes filled with tears, Frida asked "So, you mean. . . Amanda is not my sister?" "Not your biological sister. ." Doctor Stoll answered. "But she was to you more than a sister. . ."Frida could now no longer control her tears as she allowed it pour uncontrollably. "Why then did Dad decided to turn back at her? I mean, she literally just wanted to be an artist. . ." Jane said with one hand on Frida's shoulder. "It was more than that. Amanda fell in love with an art boy over time. She got so caught up in her emotions as she could sacrifice whatever she could for him. The two got so entangled that no one at this point could separate them. Your father was not happy with their relationship. He wanted a wealthier man for his daughter. So, he tried all he could to break ties between him and her. He began to treat the young woman unjustly. He would destroy her artworks and gifts from her lover boy." Doctor Stoll answered. "I'll never forget how Amanda cries every night. It
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"Why! This brush feels so.. . . .." "So, unique like the one Van Gogh used. Where'd you get this from?" Sindra cut Harry as he kept massaging the mystry brush with his eyes now covered. "Got it from a store in Town. Okay guys, you're ready?" Nathan uttered. "We're born ready mister..." Orcus replied "Yeah, Ready is my middle name . .." Sindra merrimented waiting for this moment and ready for it. "Here's yours . . . yours and . . .yours" Nathan disputed the opened jars of paint along with pallettes to each of them. "You're all holding different colours in those jars and are standing right in front of the entrance. . . , I mean the canvas." He sighed gracefully. "You can switch colours at anytime. Now remember vividly guys . . ." Nathan now seriously cautioned as he initiated his blindfold as well."Allow your mind to work. We're known for creating amusing pieces, not because of luck or charm, but because we get our minds toiling. Sindra, Orcus, your mom passed away years ago and
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"Hello handsomes... Still sleepy??" "Arise and shine cause the festival is about to begin......""I think we should let them be. When they wake up, they would locate their way..""Should I repeat that they are new here and cannot be allowed into the Kingdom? Nevertheless, let's take this cute tiny thing along... Haven't seen it nowhere. It looks so cute and fluffy...""Shhhh!!!... Let's go now.... We will awaken these souls. You dropped the scroll?""Sure did. They'd read it when they arise. Alright Queen Avalon... To you we ascend!!.. Hurry up Mia and quit with the admiration... Oooh .. you do not want to be given to the Helluvians." "Oh no! I have told you I forbid such pessimistic statement of yours oh Pippie... I do not want to be chuckled..." "Ooh, so I suppose Ivan now owns the full ordersity to chuckle and flatter you..""Uugghh... Will you quit with the act and fly on? You don't want me to report you to Rons.." *******************"Harry.... Are you there??" Nathan struggl
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