Fallen Angel

By the time Larkin arrived back home, he had figured everyone would be fast asleep.

But as he opened the door, he was greeted by a familiar pink presence.

"Papa!" She cried, throwing her arms around him.

Larkin, completely caught off guard, patted her head awkwardly.

"Kari..." He began.

"Shouldn't you...be in bed?"

She sniffled, looking up.

"Mim said we had something to discuss!" She exclaimed as she grabbed his hand.

"We're in the meeting room, papa!"

As she led him to the room, Larkin suddenly thought about those kids. Those kids that he had betrayed so many years ago.

It was merely a game of pretending... He reassured himself.

As the two came up to the meeting room, the door opened to reveal two other people sitting at a table.

"Yo," A man with pink hair gave a wave.

"Any news?"

The other person, a lady, stood up.

"One of our spies found two possible candidates. She s

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