"Do you mean this building is going to explode!?" Keren cried out.

Kari sniffled as she began tearing up again.

"I-is there any way you can defuse the bombs...?" Sena questioned.

Kari shook her head.

"W-we still have a few hours..."

Tammy looked at Kari.

"Will you at least comply with us?" She asked.

Kari made eye contact with Tammy, then quickly looked down.

"Papa won't be happy..."

Tammy suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Do you want to continue making him happy for only a few hours longer, or do you want to live!?" She shouted.

"Tammy..." Abbey whispered.

Kari looked at her then reluctantly nodded.

"Come with the control room." She instructed.

As they quickly hurried towards the control room, Abbey suddenly stopped.

"What's the matter, Abbey...?" Sena whispered, stopping as well.

"Tammy, Kari, you two go ahead," Abbey began.

"I have a bad feeling..."

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