A man whistled as he was walking through the woods.

"Finally," he paused, staring at a building.

"I made it." He spoke into a watch.

"Burn it." A voice from the other end as instructed.

"Roger." The man said, clicking the watch off.

The man stared at the building for a second. He shook his head as he made his way towards the building.

Suddenly, two little boys ran past him, one accidentally bumping into him.

"Oh, sorry, mister!" One boy said, grabbing the other boy.

The man gave a stern look.

"It's dangerous around these parts; you kids should go home." The man spoke.

The boys looked up at him.

"Fine..." The boy huffed and then quickly turned his head to the other boy.

"Let's play just one more round, baby bro!" The older boy said.

"Mm!" The younger boy cheerfully replied.

The older boy grabbed the younger boy’s hand, and the two ran off.

The man let out a sigh.


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