A Slumdog Heir

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A Slumdog Heir

By: Dior OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After being falsely accused and mistreated by his wife's family, he decides to expose the fact that he is a billionaire who has been pretending to be broke. How will Collins take out his revenge on his ex wife?

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  • Micheaux Sanders


    The MC is a idiot

    2023-06-05 21:56:32
  • nakitawhyte


    u skip from chapter 59 to 62 stupesss n I paying my money to read this

    2023-06-09 08:25:18
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135 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Colin's phone pinged. He had a message, who would send a message this late? "Could you come over to the room? It's pretty urgent" the message read. It was from Catherine, she was his wife, Marissa’s sister. He hurriedly rushed to the other part of the house where her house was located without as much second thought. "Catherine? Cate? Are you in there? Please open the door" Colin called out when he heard no answer. Colin was troubled, he wondered what could have gone wrong that was so urgent. And to think he had left their room in a hurry without telling Mary first. He had a lot of explaining to do knowing how his wife was. He had moved into her family's home after they had gotten wedded as the family would have it no other way. It was either he agreed to move in with them or risk losing Marissa. He had chosen the former as he is so in love with Marissa. Not that they had treated him any better than a servant. He endured it all for Mary. She was the only reason h
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2"What do you want from me?" Colon yelled, to no one in particular. This was all a plan, a very good one at that to get him to divorce Marissa. If he agreed to the divorce, he would give them what they have always longed for: him being out of their lives. If he didn't, he would be risking his image and the reputation of his wife, something Marissa would not want. He was left in a dilemma, perhaps dilemma was an understatement for what this was. It wasn't always like this. No, it wasn't this way 3 years ago. Three years ago, Colin was someone they had wanted. He had gotten married to Marissa then, all thanks to the old lord of the house. He was a great man of honor and respect and treated him as such. Perhaps, they only endured so much because he was here at the time. Just a few months after he had died, Colin noticed a change. They no longer served him food, he was made to perform domestic chores. Hell, they became so bent on getting him to divorce Marissa. Only
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Colin was left speechless, if anyone had told him Marissa would betray him like this, he wouldn't have believed it. For three years, she had stuck with her, come rain or sunshine. Despite his love not being reciprocated, he never looked at another woman. Yet, this is what he got in return. She said she wasn't ready to have or be intimate with him, so he waited. Patiently, he waited for when she would be ready and come to him. Today, he sees her in the arms of another man, a stranger. He fights the thought in his head. The one of her being in bed with another but him.The thought of her moaning to someone else's touch but not him. How could he live like this? Like a fool, one with no direction or purpose. For three years, he was their puppet and did all the dirty work they dared not do. He did every last thing they had asked him to do yet, it wasn't enough. They wouldn't even let him go find a job and work like everyone else. They had insisted he stayed home and
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 "Are you denying these allegations?" The judge had asked "Yes, I am" Colin answered, almost in a whisper "Then we have no option than giving you a weightier punishment" the judge had declared."A weightier punishment? Why?" Colin had asked, already knowing the answer. He should have known better, that he was fighting a lost cause and his would be no different. "You know why. You have refused to admit your crimes to reduce your sentence" one of the members of the families gathered had said "There was no crime in the first place, this is all a setup" Colin had objected "Do you have any proof?" Catherine had asked and Colin went silent. There was no way he could prove what he had just said. The text message she had sent to him, the cousins had made sure to delete. There were photos of him holding her inappropriately. They had too many thongs to prove that he did what he did. Any judge in a court of law would readily accept the evidence before him. It would be fooli
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 So much for trust and love, Colin thought and gave a wry smile. Just then, when he was about to go see what to do with his life, his phone rang."Why would anyone be calling at this time?" Colin wondered and decides to not pick up the call. The phone rang another 2 to 3 times and Colin finally decides to answer, perhaps it could be important. He feared it could be one of the Williams calling to further humiliate him. Or give him a piece of their tongue, something he was tired of listening to. He had heard enough to last him for a lifetime. "Hello" the caller had said at the other end "Yes, hello" Colin had answered, he had immediately recognized the caller and it was not who he had feared. The voice was one of an elderly man, probably in his late fifties or middle sixties. "I just saw the news" he started "Of course you did, so much I had to take" Colin answered, his voice sad. Besides, he already knew what the caller would say next, talk about Marissa. "I warne
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6"You have three months to do whatever it is you have to do. After the three months, I am not sure there is anything I can do to convince your father anymore" The housekeeper finished, sighing."Three months is more than enough time for me to get my revenge" A smiling Colin had said, he knew his plans were starting to come to life"One more thing though, activate my deactivated accounts" Colin ordered "All of it?" The housekeeper asked in surprise"No, just one of it""It is done, I'll send you your card and bank details right away, be careful" The housekeeper advised "Will do, thank you. How much do I have in this account you just activated?" Colin inquired"About 300 million?" The housekeeper responded proudly, he knew he was going to get in trouble if Colin's father found out, but ig was worth the risk"That should do, thank you" Colin replied joyfully"I'll be waiting for when you are done then" "I will keep you updated" Colin promises. Taking one last look at the Wi
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7"Call a member of this family in charge of the hotel and ask about it," he says "Yes, that I can do" Marissa agrees. Marissa takes out her phone quickly and dials a number. "Yes, did we not judge to your satisfaction?" The voice had asked when he answered the phone"No, you did too well. However, it is not why I had called" Marissa says "What is it then?" He inquires"It is about Colin" Marissa starts"Him again? Didn't you say there is no problem?" He asks confused"I did but this is about you" Marissa blurts out"I'm listening" Marisa could hear him take in deep breaths from the other end of the phone"Did you not promise to keep him out of play and without a job?" Marissa asks"Of course and I intend to keep it" He answers sharply"Looks like you are not" Marissa objects"What do you mean?" His voice twitches "It looks like Colin might likely have been offered a job in your hotel" Marissa explains in a haste, she wanted to make sure Colin's life was miserable"That i
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 "How did you even find me?" An angry Colin had asked "My family owns the hotel, dumbo" he finally spoke up."How did you even get in here in the first place looking like that?" He had asked, pointing to Colin's ragged clothes "It's one of the things money can do for you" colin answers smiling "You mean to tell me that all the money you spent here is yours?"he asked sarcastically , his eyes looking at colin from his legs till his head as way of mockery"Of course, who else's would it be?" Colin folded his arma "You lying son of a bitch!" Marissa cursed "Marissa, tell me, why would I lie about something like that?" Colin raises an eyebrow "For three years you stayed in my home with no job, three years" Marissa explains"Okay?" Colin urges her to explain herself "There is no other way you would have been able to afford this but my stealing my family's money" Marissa explains "So you are trying to say that I have only used the last three years to steal from your fami
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 "You are something. Why would two of the top families in the city lie against a nobody like you?" The cop inquired "He is a sore loser" The hotel owner had added and Colin was taken away to a waiting vehicle."He almost had me there" Marissa admitted, sighing "Me too" The hotel owner had added And all three of them together laughed and joked about the call, with Marissa trying to mimic the phone call that he had made. "He is something, isn't he?" Marissa says "Tell me again, how did you find this guy?" Marissa's new lover had asked "You ask me how, and I don't know how" Marissa says "Now that I think about it, I believe something must have been wrong with me" Marissa admits "Well, I am glad that you got out of it" Her new lover says in a low laugh"Yes, I am glad too" Marissa agrees "I don't think this is the time to be sad, it is to be happy. You two just go home and enjoy yourselves as a couple, you deserve it" The hotel owner had said dusting his clothes
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 As Colin was being driven to the station, he thought about his fate. Imagine he did have nothing, it only meant that he would rot in jail as no one would come for him. The cops kept turning to look at him as if to check if he would escape. They feared he could do something like that. "Get him down" The one who Colin had suspected to be their boss ordered. And they pushed him out of the vehicle. "This is the thief that wouldn't let me enjoy my shift" The boss adds and the others laugh. "What do we do to him, boss?" One of the cops had asked "Just get him to sign the paperwork" He answers. "What paperwork?" Colin asks, to no one in particular "The paperwork admitting that you stole from the Williams and are sorry for your actions" The cop explains"I would do no such thing" Colin spits out angrily"We will see about that" The cop retorted, smiling Colin was then taken to the investigation room where the rest of the questioning would take place. "Your name, sir" T
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