The Underrated Rich Heir

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The Underrated Rich Heir

By: Darmaa OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Felix is a student who is known as a loser on his campus. Because of this, he has had to endure the bitterness of being cheated on by his girlfriend, as well as insults from her affair. Until one night, Felix received news regarding his grandfather’s critical condition. Felix, who is actually an heir to the wealthy Garvin family, is finally willing to accept his position as heir that he had left and is ready to retaliate against anyone who dares to humiliate him.

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  • Banin SN


    Nice story, waiting for your updates :)

    2023-11-24 18:33:23
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9 chapters
1. Betrayal
Around 8 p.m., Felix was sitting on one of the benches in the university park, not far from his dormitory. In his hand, Felix held the gold ring he had just bought. The ring that Felix had fought so hard for over the past few months. He does several part-time jobs in the midst of his busy studies, lives frugally every day, and does many other unpleasant things, all of which Felix considers worth it if it is for someone very special to him. "Anne will be happy," Felix muttered, imagining his girlfriend's happy face. Anne could be said to be the source of Felix's enthusiasm to continue living his university life. Even though it was hard at times, for some reason it would suddenly lighten up if Felix thought of Anne. "Is there something holding her back that she hasn't come yet?" Felix muttered. Felix looked at the clock on his cell phone; it was already past 8 p.m., which meant Anne was more than half an hour late from their original date. Despite feeling a little worried, Felix
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2. Grandfather's condition
Felix rides with Clarita in her luxury sedan. Clarita takes Felix to the large hospital in the center of Aberfoth."Is my grandfather being treated here?" asked Felix when they arrived.Clarita simply nodded, then took Felix to the top floor of the hospital.Felix soon arrived at the hospital's VVIP ward, seeing as how there was only that one room on that floor."Your grandfather is inside, Mr. Felix."Felix immediately entered the room in question before seeing an old man with his pale face closed."Grandpa ...."Felix froze right beside the old man, his eyes staring intently at the face that had once looked dignified but now looked weak and helpless."How could a Dalbert Garvin end up like this?" Felix was full of disbelief.Dalbert Garvin was the leader and founder of the Garvin Group business empire, a well-known name in the city of Aberfoth, and the most influential figure there.Who would have thought that a figure who could make everyone reluctant and even afraid when hearing h
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3. Outbreak of Anger
Clarita noticed the change in expression on Felix's face, which made her look up at him and ask, "Is there anything I should do to get them out of your sight, Mr. Felix?"Felix smiled slightly. "No need, just leave it alone."Felix said that only because he didn't want Clarita to be bothered by his troubles, even though he was actually very disturbed by their arrival.Reynard and Anne soon arrived at the table Felix was at, both looking at Felix with a condescending look in their eyes right after."Well, what is this? It hasn't been long since you broke up with Anne, and now you're already dating another woman? This is the first time I've ever been amazed by a loser like you," said Reynard.Felix stood up from his seat, glaring at Reynard, who was now right in front of him."Loser, how dare you stare at my boyfriend like that?" asked Anne unhappily.Felix glanced at Anne for a moment. He let out a long sigh because, as far as he remembered, Anne was not this type of girl."I'm trying
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4. Dormitory Surprise
After leaving the cafe, Clarita decided to excuse herself to take care of what she should have taken care of a long time ago.Clarita felt she had to get back to making Felix the main heir as soon as possible, which could no longer be delayed as Felix's grandfather's condition had not improved from his critical condition."Mr. Felix, I will contact you later to report anything you may need to know."Felix simply nodded. Seeing this, Clarita drove away in her luxury sedan.As Clarita was leaving, Felix suddenly received a text message on his cell phone from an unknown number."Have you seen the surprise I've prepared in your dorm, loser?" Felix muttered, reading the message.Receiving such a message, Felix suddenly remembered his three roommates, who were the only ones who had been there for him over the past three years since he left home. This obviously made Felix worry that something bad might happen to them.Felix hurriedly tried to get back to his dorm room. He ran for a while, fi
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5. Unfavorable Situation
The head of security and his two subordinates immediately approached Felix with meaningful smiles on their faces; this made Felix wary as he realized something wrong was about to happen to him."Hey, do you know who you just hit?" the head of security asked."What's your problem? Why are you meddling in my business with him?" Felix raised his eyebrows.The head of security laughed, then said, "Of course I need to interfere when the one you just hit is a VIP customer of this bar.""That's right, don't expect you to get away with it after messing up here. Hahaha, after all this time, there's finally a fool who doesn't think about the consequences of his actions."The two subordinates of the head of security said that with clenched fists, as if they couldn’t wait to beat Felix up for what he had just done."Hey, loser. Do you know how respected I am here? I don't even need to intervene myself because the guards here would be willing to take my place to do that," Vector said with a sardon
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6. Garvin Group Board of Directors
The bar manager looked at Felix sharply, trying to intimidate him. Felix noticed this and immediately realized that the manager must be on Vector's side, which made his situation even more disadvantageous."Hey, is it true what my head of security said?" the bar manager asked.Felix chose to remain silent, knowing that whatever he said would not change the situation."Hahaha, this loser must be pretty desperate right now," Vector said as he watched.Felix's silence made Vector feel even more victorious. This created an urge in Vector to make Felix realize the difference between them."Loser, are you sorry now? If so, kneel down. Maybe I can forgive you if you do that." Vector had a dismissive smile on his face.Felix just stared at Vector wordlessly. Kneeling before someone who had hurt his friends, he would never do that, even in his mind."Mr. Vector, do you want us to force him to kneel to your will?" the bar manager asked.Vector nodded. "Do that."The bar manager immediately told
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7. Cross the Line
Felix returned to the dormitory not long after, wanting to check on the condition of his friends and intending to take them to the hospital to receive treatment."Felix, you're finally back. Where did you go?""Felix, you didn't do anything stupid, did you?""I hope he didn't, because our university life would be over if he did."Kody, Eric, and Levin immediately bombarded Felix with questions; they were curious what Felix had just done when he came out."Take it easy; I didn't do anything. You better get ready; we're going to the hospital as soon as possible," Felix said."Going to the hospital? I don't think that's necessary, Felix.""That's right, we're fine."Kody, Eric, and Levin were united in refusing Felix's invitation; the hospital fees were not cheap, and the three of them did not have enough money for that. They told Felix this, hoping he would understand.Felix heard this and could only let out a long sigh. Both Kody, Eric, and Levin were from ordinary families. The three
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8. Expelled from Restaurant
Felix, who felt that what the security guard was doing was excessive, finally said, "Can you stop treating us like we're troublemakers? We just came to eat, nothing else."Felix didn't want to disappoint his friends by not inviting them to eat there. Not to mention, his friends hardly ever eat at such places, and he wanted to make this a lasting experience for them.Felix now had the money to do that, but it seemed useless just because of the restaurant security guard's bad opinion of him."Felix, never mind. Let's just go back to the dormitory," Kody said, worried that the restaurant security guard would speak ill of Felix again."Felix, what Kody said is true. Our presence here seems to be a nuisance to them," said Eric, realizing that the eyes of the restaurant patrons were starting to look down on them."I agree; after all, we're not so hungry that we have to beg like beggars just to be let in," said Levin.Noticing the disappointed expressions that his three best friends were try
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9. Regret
In the middle of Felix's conversation with the old man, the restaurant security guard approached them in a hurry.The security guard, of course, recognized who Felix was talking to—the owner of the restaurant—making the security guard wonder what the owner of the restaurant had to do with Felix."Sir, what's wrong?" asked the security guard, who saw how frantically the restaurant owner tried to catch up with Felix.The restaurant owner looked at the security guard with an unhappy expression. He had noticed from the beginning how the security guard treated Felix.At first, the restaurant owner didn't budge. It wasn't until the restaurant owner recognized that the person who had just been kicked out by his security guard was Felix Garvin that he tried to catch up with him to apologize."Fool, how dare you kick Mr. Felix out of my restaurant?" snapped the restaurant owner."What do you mean, sir?" The security guard was full of questions."Are you still asking? You're so bold, and you do
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