The Alex Box: A Tale of Loss and Legacy

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The Alex Box: A Tale of Loss and Legacy

By: Johnny Reigns OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Ryker Hartley, a young man embroiled with a crime boss to claim a hidden treasure. Would fleeing be his only option in this uncertain journey? Or would he challenge his destiny against all odds? ********** A once easy-going boy turned the beastly version of himself, feared by all. With a past that has left a scar on his mind, the most cherished of all his memories has turned out to be an unfairly large grieving package for him. With an unchecked bitterness, and oblivious of an inescapable fate trapped in times, awaiting the moment to descend, he roamed, but with animosity and undue misanthropy. Ryker has closed himself off to the world, he's not one to forgive the most trivial atrocities against him, but when a frenemy manages to break through his defenses, Ryker's integrity is put to the test in ways he never thought possible. As secrets are exposed and alliances are formed, Ryker's life takes a dramatic turn as he becomes a celebrity. Will he rise to the challenge or crumble under the weight of his past? . . . . Find out in this action-packed and thrilling novel that takes a deep dive into the complexities of human nature. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS: The image is not mine, I got it from Pinterest and then, do the editing. Owner >> Cody Garrett Hatcher

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Prologue: The Hartley's Lineage
Ryker Hartley, a young boy full of life and vitality, was deeply scarred by the loss of his dearest dad to some ruthless crime boss he never knew or heard about, at the age of ten.Because of the Hartley's family's legendary possession, he possesses- 'the Alex box'. (The Alex Box is a treasure trove that is said to contain unimaginable wealth for whoever possesses it. It contains, predominantly alexandrites, emeralds, a couple of glittering golds, and diamonds with scarcely a few other species of gemstones like onyx and rubies found in the Superstitious Mountains). Yes, history has it that there were irrecoverable treasures lost in there, but little did they know not all humans are very overt about their discoveries and achievements nor entertain the idea of clout chasing. This box was found and owned by Oakley D. Hartley, Ryker's paternal grandfather, and friends in the days of their youth. Back then, after viral news of many failed attempts by different search parties, Oakley, a
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Plans Go South
Ryker Neil Hartley, stood by the door to his room, dazed with terror. This is a 'Do or Die!' Nothing more, nothing less. No means of evasion, if he would not accept the deal, then he is accepting the worse! His fine boy physiques meant nothing if a bullet would violate his manliness, his cute diamond-faced shape distorted by the Glocks and pistols threatening his sanity in the comfort of his home. The perspiration is becoming real embarrassing, "This has to stop now, he wants co-operation and I'll give it." He said in his mind, as he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand.Hesitantly, "Okay. Deal." He said with closed teeth, forcing a smile to make Jude feel relaxed... That is him. The typical tyrannical Jude.Do not argue with his point of view, and never! He never entertains questions about his choices of action. Ryk, Ryker, Rye. Call him whichever you fancy, he dislike it when people sever his dearest name but he's learned to cope with it.He very much knew who he wa
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The Brawl
Suppose someone seems to care, and always showed up to lend you a hand, rescue you by any means possible, and understood your plights are worth being your friend, best friend even. As much as Ryker needed a friend irrespective of gender, since he had been mending his heart for better sane stability, and repressing the weaknesses of his temperaments to enhance his tolerance to fit in with the society's standards, He knew making friends would be necessary because leaving his past life behind had encapsulated him with a detestable life of boredom: not like when someone is feared and respected like the king of slave-masters. And talking of keeping friends, only a space for one he's got and it has been confiscated. Thereafter, no longer cared to create another for a myriad of reasons.Considering this inexplicable friendship aspect, Ryker's take on it was making it a medium of expressing his gratitude and reciprocating Jude's altruism. The thing is, but he never thought he would be im
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In the Loop
Ryker should be ashamed, but for some reasons, he was boiling with terrific vexation as he had kept enumerating endlessly, what should stay as friends' confidentiality."Broke rascal, I wonder why you shouldn't consider that living on someone else's expenses by this stage of your life is a shameful thing." Jude expounded. "Yeah. Very!" A boy added sharply. Ryker knew for sure, he could get all offended right now but he'd lost the energy to pick on anyone, as he could sense a current of derision flowing through the arena, causing the atmosphere to grow heavy with contempt. He was weakened with undue rigor as stars of unprecedented demeanor woefully flash before his eyes."Maybe you did not realize," Jude kept on piquing himself and slaughtering his sanity with sufficient verbiage."But I'm sorry for your actively struggling mom, relentlessly catering for all three kids, she deserves a well matured, self-driven young man for a first child, to help ease the unanticipated burden of sing
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.45 Calibre
His face lit up with delight as he heard his stomach rumble. Moving more swiftly than he would have expect himself to, in a matter of seconds, he was in the room, stripping off any unnecessary adornments and devouring the poor burger. Oh well, it should be happy it has got a precise, simple and predictable fate.As if being born into an unfriendly society isn't enough, unending contentions, oppression, and hostility unrelentlessly clawed at you.As he ate, he reflected on his life- the past and the present, unsure of what the future holds, he ruminated more anxiously.(Now he sees me as nothing but a damn pebble in his shoes, I'm not bothered about far worse things I could be to the world, but it hurts real bad from a friend, or anyone you undoubtedly build trust on.Because I remained unmoved and unyielding, I am a goddamn pebble?) He shook his head and hissed out loud.(I can only imagine what could happen for him to see me as a boulder then.)As he thought through his ordeal with
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Lord Have Mercy
(Goshhh! What the F***!!!)His eyes shot up, aghast at Jude's callousness; as he began to experience the sick feeling of uneasiness all over again. "Come on man, you know I can't do that. Moreover, I am a pebble in your shoe, so why won't you get rid of me, you complained this much and yet won't give up chasing after me.""Bro I am already avoiding you, I urge you to do the same, so we let each other be?""Perhaps you find it hard to do just that, I am already trying to relieve you of myself, yet, you won't allow it" he said in a petrified and confused tone. He felt tempered again as the boys laughed like he was some stand-up comedian. Ryker tends to react to mockery like one who has a whole secondary heart with which they reserve animosity solely for retaliation.His choleric outbursts ignite when hold up to ridicule. In his world, he believes that no one in their right senses should crave or welcome any sort of pillory.He almost, impulsively pounced on Will, one of Jude's most a
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Indeed, a supermom she really is, her task of motherhood with no reliable partner to render due support must not be easy with that of work, yet, she was inclined to bear the cross fate had jettisoned upon her. Since Ryker's father had vanished from the face of the earth or so he thought then. His state of curiosity leveled with that of surprise, when his pregnant mom had come to pick him up, an unusual occurrence in those days, back from school.She looked horridly disturbed, and forlornly heartbroken, although, the then ten-years-old Ryker is no mind-reader, he sure knew the blithesome woman that mothered him.On that fateful day his mom brought him home to the news that his father was still nowhere to be found. (Like seriously? A whole grown-up dad?) He thought, "But he is not an object, can a man be lost?" He asked his physically and emotionally fatigued mother who had lost all might and appetite since two days her darling husband went missing.That was unbelievable! Ryker has h
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She retracted her shoulder while removing a small neat towel from it,Picking up the ice pack, and wrapped it with the towel, she gently placed it on his afflicted knuckles, bringing him to do the pressuring himself."I've got to go prepare dinner before it's too late." She said, He nodded apprehensively.She made to leave but then, stopped by the door, looked back, "Ryker." "Mom?" He jerked up his head to meet her gaze."You can talk to me, okay?" "And remember, Mom always love you." She consoled him with a big assuring smile. Ryker nodded with a strong sense of reassurance, as the door reunited with its jambs. He never stopped brooding over the biggest problem he had at hand for a while.He was ruminating on the best tactic to get Jude off his block, totally Alone once again, Ryker is back to his thoughts, back to his plight. The past couple of years, he had grown up to squarely face his problems, even though most of it he further messed up, but he never bought the idea of te
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Detective Hoover
He felt deprived. And had become so mad and toxic that he confronted law enforcers who dared stand in his way, Ryker believed he feared no one.And that has got him frequent forceful free rides to the police station and occasions of detention. Twice have he been apprehended by Mr. Fred himself who was the most lenient on him, for he did nothing other than talk, talked, and talked so much that it would bore him. But what Ryker found most annoying, is that he would not realize his ears no longer retain voices he didn't utter; not that he'd tell him. No, he wouldn't even look at him, just sat there, staring blankly on the table that demarcated them, as he patiently waited for his departing hour to come. Though he had been excited when a text popped up on his screen, almost a year ago.It was from an unknown sender, which read, "Hi, it's Jane." "Jane Maureen?" He had texted back... Hoping he didn't guess wrong."Yes, got your contact from Robert, a week ago when I was home to prepar
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The Plot
He noticed about two to three officers were in dutiful mode as they care less about anything else but held onto a pen as they buried their faces in a blotter, taking notes attentively. As he related."Jude was my friend." "Just recently though," He clarified."But I never knew he bears firearms, and all of his gang members.""Until recently they were threatening me with it, because I refuse to consent to be an accomplice with their crime organization…"He continued almost in a strangled voice,"And they had vowed I am going to get killed if I would not join the operation they would be carrying out on Mallam Kyari's, tonight." "That would be the subsequent event prior to a failed attempt, as I have learnt."He meticulously elucidates their plans to hit on Mallam Kyari's household. Trying as much as possible to not implicate himself in any misinformation. He needed not much to know he had done well to fill them in, as he received a 'good, you've done well', from Sergeant Oswald, and a
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