Serving Revenge

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Serving Revenge

By: G. Chelangat OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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They say forgive and forget, but then again, revenge is a dish best served cold. *** Julian Ford thought he knew everything about his life until he discovered that the parents he thought were dead were alive and incredibly wealthy. Now he had the means to get revenge on all the people who had destroyed his life and made it a living hell.

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15 chapters
A sad situation
“Not again,” Julian said upon realising that his towel had been removed from the bathroom stall. He leaned against the wall and sighed, wishing time would pass quickly so that he could graduate from the hellhole called high school. The bullying was wearing him out.He couldn’t call out for his clothes because he knew no one was going to help him. The whole football team took great pleasure in watching him suffer. He had lost all dignity but only stayed because studying was his only hope for a better life and he was on a scholarship. Julian, a small bodied boy with a mop of curly brown hair, stepped out and looked down as he walked towards his locker. His teammates burst into laughter and started chanting his name out loud. One of them threw the towel and clothes at him. Julian grabbed them, tied it around his lower body and returned to the stall where he quickly dressed up. “That’s it, Julian baby. Hide in there. Nobody needs to see that horrible body anyway.”When Julian got out,
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Destroying him
As usual, night study ended at 9:30 pm. Julian looked around the hall but did not see Gary anywhere. He wanted to apologize for how he had reacted. After thinking about it, he realised that Gary would never try to sabotage him. Gary had been there for him since he stepped in that school. Gary used not to get bothered by anyone until he started supporting Julian. The bullies usually left Gary alone because he was one of the rich kids. They only attacked him when he tried to defend Julian, but he still continued to do it whenever he could. Gary had been his only friend and he should have listened to him. What if Gary had been actually telling the truth? He needed to find his friend so he could start planning for a way out. Sighing, Julian grabbed his text book and summary sheet. He walked out of the large hall with the other students. Fetterville Private School was fairly large with five buildings and a large compound. The vicinity was well lit. The administration block, main hall and
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The three boys took Julian to the school infirmary and claimed to have found him screaming in the field. The nurses seemed to believe them. They called the ambulance and started giving first aid to Julian who was in extreme pain. He was glad when they decided to give him some pain meds and sedatives. The paramedics came and took him to the hospital that day. Julian spent a week in hospital. The doctors placed a cast on his leg and because it wouldn’t heal fast enough, Julian missed the final game. He was able to go and do the high school exit examination and other tests with the cast on his leg but he had barely studied. Julian knew that his results were definitely not going to be good. Unless the scholarship review team decided to understand and be lenient to him, there was no way he was getting the scholarship. He had applied for other scholarships to improve his chances but he was worried that he wouldn’t get them because of the results.Besides, there were suspicions about his ac
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A brother
Tears streamed down Julian’s eyes as he watched his home turn into ashes. Julian watched the flames flickering through the windows and smoke coming from the roof of the house. When he had just arrived, he had tried to go into the building but got held back by the neighbours who had gathered. The smell of everything he owned burning up made his stomach churn. It was something he knew he would never forget.The flames crackled and the fire intensified. At that moment, the firefighting truck came into the street, heading for the burning house. Julian just stood there, feeling numb. His home, the place he had grown up was gone. It was the only thing his parents had left him.A few minutes later, his uncle arrived. Uncle Mason screamed when he saw the house burning. His girlfriend stopped the car and they both got out. Julian ran to his uncle and fell into his arms. He had never seen Uncle Mason crying. Mason was a free spirited guy who lived life to the fullest. When they pulled apart, J
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Julian couldn’t believe that his uncle was thinking of leaving when he needed him the most.“What are you talking about, uncle?” Julian was shocked. “You can’t leave me like this. Everything has turned upside down. I don’t know if I’ll get a scholarship, all my belongings have been destroyed. I have no idea how I’ll get my life on track again. You promised my parents that you would take care of me. They died trying to save you from the fire. How can you repay them like this?”Julian had been told that his parents had died in a fire when he was eight years old. Julian had been in boarding school by then and a fire had broken out in the vacation house they owned. They ran out but soon realised that their nephew Mason was still inside. When they went back for him, a beam collapsed on Julian’s father and he died instantly. His mother had managed to take Mason outside but she died soon after. The neighbours called in the police and the paramedics who declared both adults dead. Julian had a
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The adventure
Other than his uncle, Gary was the only person Julian trusted. Although his uncle had told him not tell anyone about the treasure, he did not hesitate to tell Gary about it that evening.“So, are you’re going to look for it,” Gary asked. They were seated in the entertainment room watching a sci-fi movie they’d seen before.Julian laughed. “Are you mad? Of course not. That’s ridiculous. I’m going to find a job and work as hard as possible so I can get my own place. I don’t have time to go digging around the city in the hopes of finding some ancient treasure. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds?”“You admitted that you’ve always found your family mysterious,” Gary said. “Maybe there’s no treasure but there has to be a reason why those spots were marked. What if they mean something to the family? What if this holds some of the answers you have sought your whole life? You said your parents’ bodies were never found. What if this has something to say about that?”Julian sighed. “I think
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Risking it all
The whole street was silent. Stars shone above as the car pulled into Gary’s driveway. As Julian got out of the car, he hoped that Gary’s parents were not awake. Unfortunately for them, Mr. Dyer was back and he was standing at the landing when they got in and switched on the lights.“Where have you been?” he asked, looking at his son.“We had gone to see Danny,” Gary said. “We played a few games and didn’t realise how late it was getting. Sorry dad.”“Don’t do this again,” the man said, his gaze lingering on Julian as if he was blaming him for leading his son astray. Julian felt the man was right. It was his fault, after all.They claimed the stairs and Gary turned off the lights at the landing before they went to his room. Closing the door behind him, Julian went and placed the box on the table.“What do you think is in there?” Julian asked, fearing to open the rusty box.“I have no idea,” Gary said, sitting on his bed. He removed his jacket and placed it on the bed. “We’ll never kno
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The cliff
The sun was shining bright on that day. It’s a good day to die, Julian thought as he entered the forest. The air was thick as he started hiking up the hill. His heart was thumping so hard that he could hear it. The trees towered above him, and he could hear the gentle sway of the leaves, bringing a calming feeling to his heart. His mind was raging with all kinds of thoughts.A few minutes after hurrying up, his breathing had grown laboured and his legs heavy. His legs felt like lead and he was so tired that it was affecting his vision. Because of that, he nearly stumbled over rocks and tree roots on the path. At that point, he felt like he was dragging himself up the trail, his feet barely lifting off the ground. Desire everything, he continued.After what seemed like hours, he reached the top and immediately collapsed on the ground. He lay on his back under a shady tree and stared at the bright blue sky. The world was so beautiful and he found himself wondering if ending his life was
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The book
The shed was a small single structure in the backyard of the house. It was made of wood and had a single door. The exterior wall was painted grey and the inside was a lighter shade of grey. The shed had a shelf on the eastern wall where several equipment were kept. Julian noted that his uncle had nearly cleared it out and it was cramped as before. All that was left were a number of useless equipment that were either too old or broken. Julian saw that some of the wooden planks that made up the floor had been removed and a hole dug inside. He knelt down and looked down to see an old wooden box that had been emptied of its contents. As he was looking though the dusty shed, he spotted something, a hole in the wall. It was very small and he had never noticed it before. Reaching in, he touched it and tried to widen it. Suddenly, the paint near it gave way and Julian saw a crevice inside the wall. He had always noticed a bit of mystery in the family but all the things he was discovering we
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The mansion
Julian opened more pages of the book but couldn’t see anything. All the pages were blank. He sighed and closed the book.“Useless book,” he said.“Sorry man,” Gary said. “I thought you’d find something useful in there.”Julian wanted to throw the book out of the window but he remembered everything that had happened to him. Maybe the book would come in handy at some point.When they reached Gary’s house, Julian wanted to be alone. He went to his room and threw the book on the table. The book fell open when it landed on the table top. Julian was about to turn away when he saw words on the open page. He did another take to make sure he was seeing right. He could swear that the page had been blank before but he chose not to dwell on that.He picked up the book and saw an address written on it. He opened other pages to see if there was something on them but found nothing. Julian grabbed a piece of paper and copied the address hoping it wouldn’t disappear. He opened the drawer and saw a few
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