Chapter 10

Hearing the threats from Rafael and also Almena, Oliver just smiled then approached and said loudly, “Who is afraid of the Yaxnnes family? Listen young people, you better go home, because maybe right now your family needs you, to solve the crisis that just hit your family,"

Rafael furrowed his brows as a sign of not understanding what Oliver Scooth said, “What do you mean Mr. Scooth? Why do you say that my family is in crisis?”

“Just so you know Second Master Yaxnnes, if your family is currently destroyed, all of its assets have also been used up, and the Cooperation with Dragon's Palace Enterprise has also been completely cancelled. In other words, the current Yaxnnes family had fallen into poverty in just ten minutes. So why should I be afraid of your family, and you better get out of my sight now.”

Rafael gaped because he couldn't believe what Oliver Scooth had just said, as well as Almena who wasn't sure either. Is it possible for a family as wealthy as the Yaxnnes family to be destroyed in such a short time? Then what is the cause of its destruction?

Meanwhile Oliver Scooth asked Tharessa Elberd to accompany Alvine to the main room at Alvine's request who wanted dinner there.

Alvine walked casually, even past Johnny Harmold's table. And it succeeded in making Jhonny almost choke because he was shocked to see Alvine walking with Tharessa to a special room.

“Hey, look, how did that trash get into the special room! Has that maid taken the wrong person?” shouted Jhonny Harmold which made all eyes turn towards Alvine who was climbing the stairs to the special dining room.

“Didn't Mr. Chand say that that place couldn't be used by just anyone, Elvira? But how come he can get in?” Leavy narrowed her eyes so she could clearly see the man she assumed was Alvine.

Not only was Leavy surprised, but also Lenna and the other three girls were surprised to see Alvine getting special treatment, even being able to beat the strong connections from the Harmold family who were said to be very close to Derixs Chand.

"Honey, didn't you promise to invite me to eat in that room? but how can your father's influence be defeated by someone like him?" Elvira said while making an annoyed face at Jhonny.

Of course Jhonny felt offended by such a situation, he stood up and walked over to Alvine and Tharessa who had almost reached the door of the special room.

" Wait!!!"

The steps of the two of them suddenly stopped when they heard Johnny's screams trying to stop him.

“Excuse me Mister Harmold, what's the matter? Why did you stop us?" asked Tharesa, while Alvine responded nonchalantly to that.

"On the contrary, I want to ask you, why did this bum get in here? Even getting a special place that is said only important people are allowed, even my father didn't get the chance to be able to eat at that place." Jhonny looked furious because he felt neglected.

Actually, from the start Jhonny had asked his father Qalisto Harmold to be able to ask Derixs Chand for the facilities for the place. But unfortunately, Derixs Chand refused and said that the place would be used by an important person. Until finally Jhonny could only eat in the second class place as he ordered.

Of course this made Jhonny angry, when he found out that he was considered stupid by Derixs Chand. Which let Alvine get the opportunity to enjoy dinner in the Special Room, with main menu facilities of course.

This was completely unacceptable to Jhonny, so he immediately stopped Alvine and Tharessa Steps from protesting because he had humiliated him in front of Elvira and her friends.

"Sorry Mr. Harmold, this matter is not under my authority, if you don't like it, please see Mr. Oliver Scooth, because I am only carrying out an assignment from Mr. Scooth to take Mr. Alvine to a special room," Tharessa replied casually.

"You have no right to argue and give suggestions Miss, you are only subordinates here. And I will ask Miss Yopiel to finish all of this," Jhonny snapped even more angrily.

"Don't you know that Miss Yopiel has been fired just now? And now I'm the head receptionist here, so please don't get in the way of my duties, Mr. Harmold, and if you're still not satisfied, then please contact Mr. Scooth.

In a firm tone Tharessa Elberd asked Johnny not to disturb her and continued walking into the special room to serve Alvine dinner.

Meanwhile, Jhonny showed a disgruntled stare. However, this incident was a great humiliation for him, even for the entire Harmold family, for being played around by Derixs Chand.

Alvine sat relaxed while enjoying his feet soaking in natural hot water that was deliberately taken from Elbora Mountain. One of the largest active Merapi volcanoes in Lamonius province, is in the southern part of the town of Shavellight. The distance is about 60 km from Wanafiyer Paradise, until the Dragon's Palace Enterprise has to install a 60 km pipe just to distribute the hot water.

Alvine took out his cell phone and contacted Naura to bring her the newest and most expensive Hermes bag and send it to Wanafiyer Lumionus, because Alvine was planning to move Sherly's birthday to Wanafiyer Lumionus. And of course Naura couldn't possibly deny it, she immediately headed to the Hermes boutique in Amaberra Paradise and bought the latest edition of Hermes bag to give to Alvine which will be handed over to Sherly as her birthday present.

It didn't take long, Naura arrived at Wanafiyer Lumionus, and immediately met Alvine and handed over the bag Alvine ordered. There is a real curiosity in Naura's heart, about this special woman who received an extraordinary gift from Alvine. Because the bag that Alvieb asked for was very expensive at around 300,000 dollars, and that was enough to buy two BMW serie five cars.

But even though her curiosity was great, Naura didn't dare to ask and returned immediately after Alvine asked her to leave. Of course it came back into the spotlight. However, many people know about Naura. A young girl working at Dragons' Palace Enterprise and a very important position. Recently it was even heard that Naura was the personal secretary of the new CEO known as Young Master Clarisson. Then why is Naura so respectful of a shabby man like Alvine?

"Hello Alvine, where are you? Here we are heading to Alchanery Park," said Sherly after connecting with Alvine.

"I'm at Wanafiyer Lumionus, and I've booked a special place for your birthday Sherly, so I ask you all to come here," Alvine answered confidently.

" What!!! You're asking me and the others to move there? You don't go crazy

Alvine, where did I get that much money to pay for food there, you better not make this up Alvine, come here quickly," Sherly replied, not believing what Alvine was saying.

Alvine knew that Sherly didn't believe him, so he changed the call to a video call so Sherly could see what he was doing and where he was.

"I know you're not lying Alvine. But still I don't want my birthday to be moved there. My money won't be enough Alvine."

"You don't need to worry Sherly, I just got the facilities here, and everything is free. So instead of wasting your money on an event at Alchanery, it's better if your birthday is held here, and I'm waiting for now, Leavy and Chena happen to be here too, so you can invite the two of them too to join." Reply Alvin.

"Are you sure about all of this Alvine? I don't want problems later and we have to pay afterward," said Sherly, still unsure of Alvine's words.

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