Chapter 9

Leavy and Lenna followed by his three friends finally entered to fulfill an invitation from Jhonny Harmold who invited him for dinner. While Almena Yopiel was still trying to get Alvine to leave that place, it was a pity that Alvine completely ignored what Almena said.

Alvine at night kept looking at the departure of the five beautiful girls without caring that Almena Yopiel felt himself very humiliated and looked down upon by Alvine, so he walked up to Alvine and.


A slap from Almena Yopiel landed hard on Alvine's cheek, making Avine furious this time.

" Unlucky!! How dare you slap me Miss Yopiel!! Are you tired of working here?” Avine snapped while glaring at Almena Yopiel, he was ready to reply to Almena's slap which he thought was too much, but suddenly Rafael came out and pushed Alvine's body.

"Don't even think about getting slapped by my future brother-in-law Alvine, or you will have trouble with the Yanxnnes family," Someone shouted loudly, causing Alvine and the others to turn their heads towards the source of the sound.

It seemed that a handsome young man was walking so calmly with his hand held by a beautiful girl approaching Alvine and also Almena.

“Second Young Master Yaxnnes!!!” exclaimed several people when they saw the young man who was none other than Rafael Yaxnnes Together with Chena Hanzhel who would also have lunch at that place at the invitation of Jhonny Harmold.

"Oh It turns out that you came, what do you want if I slap him back?" Alvine said so casually that everyone was surprised.

"Hey dumbass!!! You are polite when you talk to the Young Master of Yaxnnes, or you will suffer the consequences," Almena snapped furiously because Alvine dared to open his eyes in front of Rafael.

“ Alvine, I'm offended by what you just said. But, because you are my friend from the same campus, then I will forget everything as long as you want to crawl out of here and kiss my shoes. But if you don't, then you will bear the consequences." Rafael's words were immediately greeted with laughter by people who happened to be at that location.

Of course they thought that Alvine would follow what Rafael said. After all, the Yaxnnes family was much more influential in Shavellight than the Luis family. Because the Yaxnnes family owns many companies, it makes the Yaxnnes family the richest among the five richest families in Shavellight.

But unfortunately, they were taken aback by Alvine's action, which instead slapped Almena hard, causing Almena to stumble and fall. Of course this surprised everyone, because they knew who Almena was and how close she was to the Yaxnnes family. And they thought Alvine had made a big mistake by provoking the Yaxnnes family.

“Alvin!!! You've gone too far, how dare you slap my future sister-in-law! Thus, you have made business with the Yaxnnes family, "Raphael shouted not believing that Alvine would do that in front of him.

While Almena held her cheek which felt hot from Alvine's slap just now. However, this is the first time Almena has felt humiliated by someone who looks like Alvine and is despised by her.

“ Who do you think you are Alvine!! How dare you provoke the Yaxnnes family! Are you tired of living!” Chena snapped, annoyed with Alvine's actions, which he considered very careless because he had dared to slap Almena Yopiel, who is the lover of Renno Yaxnnes, brother of Rafael Yaxnnes.

Alvine completely ignored the words of Rafael and also Chena, he sent a message to Derixs at night, so that all agreements with the Yaxnnes family were canceled, and made the family fall into poverty. Of course one word said by Alvine was enough to make the Yaxnnes family on the verge of collapse, and asked Oliver Scooth to come immediately.

It didn't even take long, ten minutes after Alvine hung up the phone, Oliver Scooth arrived before Alvine breathless.

"I'm sorry Mr. Alvine, I came late." He said while saluting Alvine, "Mr. Chand said if you want to have dinner here, and use a special place?" he asked with a smile and remain respectful. Even though Oliver didn't know who Alvine really was, but on Derixs Chand's orders asking him to treat Alvine well, of course that was enough for him to know that Alvine was an important person for Derixs Chand.

"Of course Mr. Scott, can I use that special room?" asked Alvine, staring intently at Oliver Scott.

“Of course sir, whatever you ask we are not allowed to refuse. Come with me, Mr. Alvine," replied Oliver, inviting Alvine to enter.

Seeing that incident, both Almena and Rafael as well as Chena, their mouths wide open. They couldn't believe what had just happened and what they saw. They were surprised by Oliver Scott's respectful attitude towards Alvine.

Who's he? Who exactly is this Alvine? why did an important person like Oliver Scott have to bow and bow before Alvine?

Almena, Rafael as well as the others couldn't understand the meaning of all this yet. Seeing their shock like that, Alvine didn't take it seriously.

"Mr. Scott, are you in charge here?" he asked.

“Of course sir, I am in charge of all the places in Wanafiyer Lumionus. So if there are things that make you dislike it, you should tell me, you don't need to tell Mr. Chand,"

“In that case, I'd like you to fire that woman, and hand over the position of Head of Reception to the lady next to her. But if you can't, then I will ask Mr. Chand to do it." Alvine casually approached Theresa and patted her shoulder with a smile.

While Almena's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of shock and anger towards Alvine. How could a poor man like Alvine order Oliver Scott to fire him. Even Rafael was furious with Alvine.

"What do you mean Alvin? Who are you, how dare you ask Mr. Scooth to fire my future brother-in-law, do you want to seek death by dealing with my family?” he snapped, jumping up and down annoyed.

Seeing Rafael's anger, Alvine ignored him, his eyes stared intently at Oliver Scooth who still looked confused by Alvine's request like that. after all, Almena is the one who was put in the care of the Yaxnnes family. By firing him, Oliver indirectly insulted the Yaxnnes family.

Seeing this condition, Alvine realized that Oliver Scott could not make up his mind yet. Meanwhile, Almena looked so happy when she found out about the doubts that were in Oliver Scooth's mind, this made Almena feel sure that Oliver Scooth wouldn't dare fire her.

" Ha ha ha ha. You don't make it up. How is it possible that trash like you can influence Mr. Scooth, and listen carefully, after this I will complain about you to Young Master Yaxnnes, and I'm sure you will suffer after this loser,"

Alvine turned his gaze to Almena Yopiel, then took out his cellphone and immediately sent a message to Derixs Chand, asking Oliver Scooth to follow his orders.

Not long after, Oliver Scott's cell phone rang. Looks like Derixs Chand contacted him. A frightened face was shown by Oliver Scott. Sweat started to roll down his face, and only one word was heard "Okay sir, I'll do it," after that Oliver put his cell phone into his jacket pocket and walked over to Almena Yopiel.

"Miss Yopiel, because you have been disrespectful to Mr. Alvine, I will fire you today! And for the post of Head of Reception at Mr. Alvien's request, I appoint you Tharessa Elberd,"

Both Almena and Rafael and also Chena were immediately shocked by the decision that Oliver Scott had just made. How could Oliver Scott follow orders from a bum like Alvine? Of course this is an unusual thing and makes a lot of questions from everyone, who is Alvine really?

“W-What do you mean Mister Scott! Why are you so affected by this poor human? He is no more special than a pile of trash. To be honest, you can't do this to me Mr. Scooth I will tell Renno right now," Almena refused angrily and immediately contacted Renno to ask for protection.

"Your words just now have offended the Yaxnnes family Mr. Scooth, I will immediately report your arrogant attitude to my father." Raphael threatened furiously.

Hearing the threats from Rafael and also Almena, Oliver just smiled then approached and said loudly, “Who is afraid of the Yaxnnes family? Listen young people, you better go home, because maybe right now your family needs you, to solve the crisis that just hit your family,"

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