The Octillionaire Demon

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The Octillionaire Demon

By: Authoress Annink OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Charles Dadon is a runaway heir who hides his true identity even so he suffers terribly in the hands of his inlaws till he gets divorced by his wife who spat on him for been poor, he swears his revenge and luckily things instantly change when he finds out about his inheritance, the hurt and broken man is an Octillionaire.

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21 chapters
Chapter 01
Edward's - [P.O.V] Ding! Goes the bell as I stood in front of the door waiting for it to be opened. A young fully shaped and average height looking lady opened the door. "Greetings Mr. Omega." The rogue attendant said. I was shocked. The Quantum of disrespect! "Are you mad!?" I was getting pissed off. She dared to call me an Omega? In other words, trying to say I'm a weak wolf. "Sorry sir, Madam asked me to call you that, please how can I help you?" She added. "You stand there asking me how you can help me in my own house?... You must be kidding me." I said angrily. "I'm sorry sir, I didn't know." She said. "Well now you do, come here." I responded, knowing that she was new and easily manipulated by my toxic mate. "Where is my son?" I added. "I think he's playing up stairs, sir." She said. "You think?" I asked angrily, glaring at her. I went up the stairs to Mason's room and found him lying on the door helplessly struggling with his breathing so badly. I was in total s
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Chapter 02
Edward's - [P.O.V]"Celine I don't have time for your dramas, so please, just stay away from me now." I said rushing back to the Sherman hospital."Greetings Sherman, have you started the operation?" I asked, worried."Where is your son's down payment sir?" The pack Sherman doctor asked."Listen, I will bring it, please just start his operation already!" I said in tears."That's against our policies Edward, which I had told you earlier, and you said you were going to get the full amount so what are you saying now?!" the Sherman asked."Wait, I couldn't get the money but please help me doctor please!" I went on my knees crying to him."Look, I am sorry, but these materials carry spiritual elements that help, we are in a city, where they can't be found easily so it's not in my power to do so and like I said before… it's against the hospital policies." The sherman said.The emergency lights begin to flash and attendants began running towards the room my son was laid in."Sherman, What's
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Chapter 03
Edward's - [P.O.V] My hands trembled as my blood signed the alpha's approved rejection letter… I had to do it, for Mason's sake. "Here you go." I faintly said handing the paper over. "When am I getting the money?" I asked. "Money… What money? I thought I had a smart Ex husband but you've shown me that you are just very dumb you see." she replied smiling like she's won an award or something else. "What do you mean by that, Celine?" I asked her in confusion. "Oh please Edward! How could you think for a second that I could give you my family's money!" Celine yelled out. I stared at her speechlessly, shocked at what I just heard. I have just been played for a fool. "You tricked me!" I said counting my words. "Yes I did! And so what? You have responsibilities and this is one of them… Man up and pay your son's bills." Celine said leaving the hospital. "I'd rather get married to an alpha!" Celine Smirked evily, like a demon. "Bye… My Daughter's Ex Mate." Celine's mother said, foll
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Chapter 04
"Calm down!" I mindlinked my easily upset Lycan wolf and he calmed his nerves. "You're hurting yourself Edward, wake up!" He roars before coming to a stop. Kailah was my last hope and now her revelation proved it to be all a lie. "What am I going to do now?'' I said as I continuously hit my forehead on the wall beside Kailah's door. "Edward, I have to get back to the kitchen now. I'm sorry, but I pray you find a way out." Kailah said as she closed the door. I left there and went to my son. I sat beside him touching his hair. "I wish I could take up all the pain you're feeling right now. Why my son, Lord of all the kids you chose, isn't he innocent enough for you?!" I said sorrowfully. My phone's vibration cuts me out of my emotional thoughts. A number I didn't know was calling. "Hello! Who's on the line please?" I asked. "Is this Prince Edward speaking?" He asked. I haven't been called with my titles in a very long time. "Yes and who are you?" I asked. "That introduction
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Chapter 05
His memories began flashing through my head.I held my tears in as they filled my eyes."My son just passed away and you're talking about burial really Marcus." I said tearfully."I'm sorry, Alpha, but believe me, soaking up won't change anything okay, You must stay strong and be a strong Alpha that you are, like your father was." Marcus replied."Don't you dare tell me to be like my father. He was a heartless human being… I despise him." I said as I stood up from the floor and Left the place heading to Celne's parents house where I was sure she was at.I got to the gates and what I saw shocked me.There were mating decorations all over the place and Celine was the one getting married.The guards tried to stop me but I managed to get in. I went to where the main event was taking place and heard Celine saying "I do."In an unexpected way I jammed my hand going towards the alter saying;"It's been just two days since we got divorced and you are already married to someone else, how Splen
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Chapter 06
Dadon Wilfred's - [P.O.V] "Greetings Alpha." Marcus Greets. "Please permit me to help you seek revenge against them because your enemies are also my enemy." Marcus bowed in respect to me. "Fine Marcus, do help me deal with those fools… And I promise you that one of my companies will be yours as a reward for your kind gesture to your Alpha." I said. "I have served in this pack even before you were born, so there's no need to reward me Alpha, I'm just doing my job and what I promised your father." Marcus said as he gets up. "Thank you Marcus you have always been there for me and even now you are doing the same thing." I said to him with a smile. Elizabeth's - [P.O.V] "What are you saying!?" "I checked all the stocks last week and they were all ready for shipping… Now you tell me we're out of stock!?" I yelled. "Do you know what that means?!... This is one of our biggest clients overseas and If he pulls out of our company we might go bankrupt." I explained. "Our company has alr
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Chapter 07
Celine's - [P.O.V] "Where's mom?" I asked. "Why isn't she having breakfast with the rest of us?" I asked curiously. It was weird for her not to do so. "I don't know, maybe she left for the office early or something." William my husband said as he continued to eat his breakfast. "In her room, ma'am, she said she wasn't hungry." The maid said. "I'll go and check on her." I said heading upstairs to her room. I place a knock on the door and she responded; "Who's it?" she said. "Mom it's me, can I please come in?" I asked politely. "Sure my dear come." She replied. "Mom, you look pale, is everything alright?" I asked, sitting next to her on the bed. "I am fine Celine, just that we are having problems in the company." She responded. "What kind of problems mom?" I asked. "Yunno our Italian clients overseas?" She asked me. "Yeah mom, what about them?" I asked. "Well they want some of our stocks and they are supposed to be sent tomorrow." she adds. "That's good for us, so what
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Chapter 08
Dadon Wilfred's - [P.O.V] The depression had grown bigger. "I won't let this hurt me anymore, that mindset has to change and I won't let my past affect my future." "I must and will move on." "But I will complete my mission first." I said to myself. "Greetings Alpha." Marcus said. "Hey." I replied heading to the counter to remove my wrist watch. "I've sent the driver you ordered to pick up your mother. "Don't you think she'll be mad at you?" He asked. "It's better than hurting her now with the truth right?" I replied. "Maybe." Marcus responded. "I'll tell her when the time is right, not just now, maybe till all this is over." I said. "If you say so, Alpha." He replied. "Have you called Mrs. Elizabeth?" I asked. "Yes I have, she'll be in the company by 2PM." He answered. "Good. Is everything ready?" I asked. "Yes Alpha, I have arranged CCTV cameras in every spot in the company and also some of our branches and houses too, just in case something comes up you'll be aware o
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Chapter 09
Alpha Dadon's - [P.O.V] "Hey mom, are you busy?" I asked. "Yes I am." she replied. "Common mom" I slurred. "What is it?" She asked. "I am sorry mom." I said as she pretended to be on her laptop. "It's fine son." She says bluntly. "Mom, don't say that, you know it's not fine, I am really sorry about how I acted at the restaurant." I said truly apologetic."It wasn't intentional but I couldn't help it while you kept insisting I answered the question." I confessed in guilt victimizing myself to seem innocent.I definitely wasn't!"I see…" She smiled at me. "So you thought it best to justify your actions now huh.." she said. "No mom, that is not what I am doing, please try to understand mum, I can never hide anything from you." "I will tell you…" I said to her. "But not now okay mom." I said. She stood up from where she came closer to me as she gently touch my right cheek. "It's alright son since you said you will, then I won't ask about it till you're ready to talk about it.
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Chapter 10
Celine's - [P.O.V] "Woah!" I said in shock. "Mom! really are you serious!? I get to keep ten million?" I said in excitement. "Yes baby, take it." She said. "It's my way of saying thanks for the push I really needed." She cried to me. "You're welcome mom but isn't this a little too much?" I asked. "What are you talking about? It's because of you I was able to get the deal, you deserve it Celine." She replied. "Thanks mom." I replied. She responded with a tearful hug then Williams interrupted us again. "Real cute!" Williams said with a sarcastic look on his face. "William common…" I replied. "I still don't approve of the fact that you gave him twenty percent of the company shares." He said. "You only own thirty percent of shares in that company so I don't see what approval I was supposed to get from you." She slams back at him. "I own that company and every other of it in the states that would soon be running again… So do me a favour would you?... Keep your ideas and assump
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