Chapter 48

Albert wrung his hands. He did not accept what the man in front of him stated. "Stop talking nonsense. Something like that will never happen, and it's not written there!" Yang pointed at the lawyer who wrote their engagement letter.

Her breathing was going up and down so fast. Facing this could drive her crazy, and the more she looked at Aaron, the more annoyed she became.

"Just because you won this bet, you talk nonsense like that. I won't be fooled by you. And I won't be your slave." he spoke as stubbornly as there. I wanted to run away from here immediately.

It was just that Aaron moved slowly toward the lawyer and paused to look back at Albert. "You really can't seem to read very well."

"What!?" he shouted in a loud voice, he squeezed his hands and the blood flow in his body intensified. Even the people there also sounded like they were laughing at him.

This was really very embarrassing, she had been defeated by a lowly person as he was now being insulted repeatedly by him. "If I
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