Chapter 49

"Do you doubt the words you just heard?" Violet asked with serious eyes.

Interpullan was a very large company, and its owners were also people from Austar. I feel very lucky if I can cooperate with that company, because people make huge profits.

Deciding to cooperate with Interpullan was something that could be said to be quite fatal. If those people could not calculate properly, they would only suffer losses. It was even said that breaking off the cooperation would directly destabilise the economy of their family and that it would make their family's condition unstable or could quickly fall.

It was just that Violet and Aaron knew something else. The company's owner was related to the blood of the Royal family, and they had to purge their people of those who cooperated with Interpullan because they were Aaron's enemies.

"But Miss Violet, why should I break up with that company?" Harris has worked hard to show that he is someone Violet can trust. When the offer came, and it was said th
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