Bloody Revenge

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Bloody Revenge

By: Neche Felix CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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When evil meets evil... Angel is found amid an ugly even revenge... An aunty most evil and fierce, revenging over her twin for an ex-lover. Love is meant to flow and not to be forced, but Angel's aunty rather chose violence to love, with the belief that "you fight for love, survival of the fittest". Having brought her bloodthirsty revenge towards Angel, a bold strong, Masculine, and evil as she is, daughter to her twin sister, an act of cold revenge between the two families is set. Fast forwarding to Alex, a son to her evil Aunty, A stranger Angel had found, and fallen in love with. Do you think she will be able to revenge on her loved ones, whom she had lost already, or stop her revenge on her lover's mother? Do not miss out on this family revenge. Don't forget to rate either. Thank you.

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  • Neche Felix


    This novel is wow! the suspense though ...

    2022-08-23 19:55:32
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71 chapters
Why did I go?
Epic 1My name is Angel, and the bitter part of my story is that I can't forget what happened to me in 2001. As a young girl child, struggling to survive in the city of Lagos with my blind father who was trying his possible best to put food on the table with his shoemaking business, even as a blind man, my father was still very creative, even with how busy Lagos can be, filled with a lot of traders, papa's own still happened to be the best, Customer's kept trooping in and out of his shop.I was told that my mum is a great prostitute, she left dad after giving birth to my other sister Chidinma, while Papa was struggling with our survival, he got into an accident that affected his eyes, leading to his blindness. While Chidinma stays at the shop with Papa to help him out with the calculation of money, and also to avoid counterfeits. I go up to the big market to trade. Agile and bold, I kept surviving in the dreadful city of Lagos, Lagos is not a place where you survive with cold feet. W
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Unaware adoption
Epic 2I opened the message from my mother and saw the most disheartening message ever. I couldn't help but master each line. It read.“Congratulations on your new job, it is obvious you will no longer be having parental care, which is why I am sending you this letter for the second time, to either accept my offer or watch your little sister suffer at an early stage. I am sure you wouldn't want that to happen or would you?”. I wish she was with me all alone, without her guards, I would have beaten the hell out of her.What an insult to the parental hood! Coming from a woman whose husband just passed away. I couldn't sleep in the house alone with Dinma, we went to aunty Jane, our neighbor's house. I can not believe that my greatest compartment has become a haunted house to me.I tried my best to stop Dinma who kept on disturbing me with tears. Aunty Jane went as far as getting her some snacks which she refused to eat. I kept assuring her how beautiful everything will be soonest.”Whe
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Could he be the one?
Epic 3I left the hospital without uttering a word to Dinma. I'm sure her foster mother wondered what was wrong with me.I met Leo on the way while going home.“What is wrong with you? You didn't call me as planned before going to the hospital and you didn't even pick up my calls” He complained a bit angry.I didn't even notice that he called.“Um! I am so sorry for that, Dinma needed a sweater urgently, so I had to go give it to her, and as for the missed calls, I am so sorry, I didn't even notice that you called”. I managed to mutter while avoiding his angry look.“It is fine, how is she? Hope she is getting better?”. He asked.“yeah! She is” I replied.“Did the doctor say when she will be discharged?” He asked.“No! I didn't ask him though”. I said and we headed back home.“You don't look happy, what happened?”. He asked, looking at me strangely.I knew he was going to say something about my look, Leo can be very observant. I can't even pretend to be fine when I am not, because he
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The request
Epic 4"I want you to marry me," Benjamin said.I was dumbfounded. Why must people demand something, before helping others?“I will have to think about it,” I said while bending my head slowly.“It is fine, you can take all the time you desire, I hope for a positive response though,” he said.I smiled and immediately stood up.“It was nice talking to you,” I said while trying to go before he brought out his hands for a handshake, which I wanted to ignore but had to play along with.“Same beauty”, he said while pecking me on my hands.I felt disgusted. I wouldn't have ever believed that Benjamin could be this way. Why was he acting all caring and kind, like he wanted to help?I walked home so down, I felt rejected and empty and didn't know what to do. Should I just go by my biological mother's deal, or should I marry Benjamin?I got home, so tired, I tried hiding my emotions from mama, I didn't want her to be bothered.“Welcome, you came back rather too late,” mama said immediately aft
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Big decision
Epic 5It was a hard decision for Leo to accept but he had to do so.I went to meet Benjamin to let him know my final decision. As usual, he was already there before me."Good day". I greeted as I sat confidently close to him." How are you doing today my damsel?". He asked.“Well, I am doing fine as you can see”. I responded a bit harshly.“I can see that, so, what good news have you brought?". He asked confidently like he is already assured that I already accepted his proposal."Everything that happens in life is good news, depending on the perspective you are seeing things from. It is said that every disappointment is a blessing, so every bad news is good news". I said confidently while sipping the already served juice.“Wow! That is a nice combination, so what news have you brought?”. He asked."After a long thought and it being a hard decision, I accepted your proposal". I said though I felt a sharp pain inside of me after that.I saw how he screamed in excitement. He kept repeat
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Broken marriage
Epic 6It is no longer a story in the town that Dengel or Angel the late blind man's daughter got married to a wealthy man, who is working at Pine Valley company. Well, that is a 1997 story to behold. Benjamin gave me the best life I can ever imagine. He stuck to our marriage plan. Not only did he shower me with lots of love, but he also extended it to my sister and my foster parents. I thanked God for a life-changing opportunity like this. It is so painful that I happened not to see Leo after my wedding day, nobody seemed to know his whereabouts. Months passed, and I haven't taken in for Benjamin, it got him worried. I was worried as well, but it seemed to be a normal thing, lots of people stay years in their marriage, yet they end up conceiving, ours is just a few months, and he is already worried this much. After a few more months, I started noticing some strange behavior, which Benjamin started developing. He no longer eats my night food, always coming back with an already fille
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Let me be your comedian
Epic 7"It is Benjamin''. I said angrily while referring to Dinma.“I understand the fact that you are angry at the moment, but you need to calm down, you don't have to retaliate with anger, you might make a mistake”. Dinma advised.I was trying to calm my nerves when mama went into the ward.“You are back?”. I said as she had left earlier to inquire when I will be discharged.“Yes, the doctor said we can leave anytime if you want to, that you are totally fine, just that you were hit by a shock”. Mama said “Ow! Okay, I think it will be best if we leave now”. I said while trying to stand up, Dinma helped me up as I found it a little difficult to stand on my own.“What about papa?”. I asked.“He is at home, he is getting some rest”. Mama replied and we all started going home.Dinma followed me home, she wanted to stay back but got an emergency call from home.“I will see you later big sis, please try to eat something and get enough rest, please!!! Our baby needs it, do take care”. She
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The package
Epic 8 So, meeting Micheal seemed so much like a new life. He became a replacement for Leo who left a long time, he is a dedicated Christian, and he helped me to build my Christian life back, I told him a little of my story, he was at the peak of helping me find Lisa, he promised to pay the people that adopted her their fee back and more just to make sure I gained back my happiness.I was so in love with him, that I knew he did like me as well. I have always wanted him to make his moves on me, but he seemed to be the shy type, or could he be afraid of me? He left me with so much thought, just like every good Christian Brother every good Christian sister would want to have, Michael seemed to be that perfect guy, every lady wanted to have him all to themselves.Just the other night, while we were both walking down the subway station a lady ran up to him and gave him a rose flower. I was a bit jealous, but he smiled and gave the rose to me, perhaps he noticed my reaction.Days, weeks, a
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The Reality
Epic 9With the look on Dinma's face and the pace she used in entering the house, I already knew what had happened. Mama has called her. "What happened?" She questioned immediately as she entered the room. I didn't have the strength to explain, so I just gave her the package." It's a picture! Are you trying to explain that with everything mama told me, it's just a picture that you have been crying for?". Dinma asked. But, I didn't respond to her questions, I just watched her as my eyes became more cloudy."What in the name of God is this? Isn't this mother with Benjamin? And also Mich...", she got stuck in her words. She joined me in the crying. "Micheal has always been the Informant, he is the one giving mother all the information, my pain is that I told him about Lisa, it is certain now that Benjamin knows that Lisa isn't dead". I cried out." Oh My goodness! What? You told him everything! You see why it is difficult for me to trust anyone, they are all betrayals. What are we goi
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The Target
Epic 10I checked my phone to see the caller, I wasn't expecting the information to be spread so fast. Hope he got a vital one.“Hello!”, I said while picking up the phone.“yeah! How are you doing?”, he asked.“Good as always. Any news?”, I asked.“Sure there is”. He replied as I gave out a warming smile. I trust you to do lots of things.“Wow! That's fabulous, so, what is the good news?”. I said while stretching out my hands.“I have got the most shocking details you need to know about your mother”, he said.“most shocking indeed! You know I would be pleased to know something much more than shocking news”. I said and we both laughed.“She has a son”. He said.“Wow She has a son! Where can I find him?”. I questioned.“Heard he is in V.I, I will send his picture for you”. He replied and ended the call and almost immediately, My phone beeped, it was a message from him."Cute son huh", I said while looking at his picture.He seems so grown up, could she have given birth to him before ge
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