Nobody will Survive

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Nobody will Survive

By: Mijaly Updated just nowMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Calvin's life is changed one horrible night when he loses both his parents to murder at their home. His parents murders are still out in the world and they are looking for him to get what they wanted from his father but failed to achieve, which they plan to get through him. Calvin promises to get revenge on his parents death and the people responsible, he doesn't know that a life of crime, violence, betrayal and heart ache await for him on the other side. Would he achieve his revenge?

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Chapter One
It was the night of August in 2012 at around midnight in one of the places where there were a lot of rich people where it is believed they eat with spoons of gold, that is nowhere else but MASAKI in a very famous city located in a country very famous for the peace and humour of its people, it is a city with all kinds of good and bad qualities, all kinds of comfort and all kinds of people with different ethnicities, for a little while it was known as MZIZIMA.It is in the house of old Jackson Aron, who was lucky to find a very good wife, Mrs. Alice Jackson, they were lucky to have an only child Calvin Jackson who is 22 years old and at that time he had finished his economics degree studies in the most famous university in the world.That night old man Jackson was sitting with his wife in the living room watching TV while waiting for their only son to come back so they could go to sleep, that night Calvin had gone out with his colleagues to celebrate because it was a holiday when farmer
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Chapter Two
The person on the other side was heard very emphatically saying "Kill that man, I have no business with him anymore, I will get them through his son, he must know everything and even if he does not cooperate with me, I will lose him so that I can own everything easily" then the call was disconnected, as soon as he hung up the phone, Scott said, “Old man, your violence disappears early in hell, learn to use your mouth properly,” he did not wait for answers, he fired three shots that hit old Jackson in the chest, and he started bleeding profusely. the men then left very quickly and disappeared in their car. Half an hour later, Calvin was returning home very happy in his new car bought by his father after graduating from university. he got down and went to take a look very anxiously, due to the living conditions he was brought up in, he was still a very gentle young man, they used to call him Mama's boy. he was very surprised to see their guard lying on the ground, he got scared and
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Chapter Three
Calvin was confused because it is not easy to lose important people in your life at once, it really hurts and if you consider that it is humans who are responsible for the brutality towards their fellow humans. this reminds us that we should live without trusting people because humans are dangerous creatures, very dangerous and very cruel. but when he looked down at his mother's body, it was as if he saw something, he ran quickly and came across a picture that he could not recognize, he was looking at the man in the picture, he stopped very tired and picked up the phone and called old man Fabian Decco or Mr Decco as the most popular name. He was a business friend of a very long time with his father and he used to come to visit them often and even they used to go see him several times, in short to them he was more than family and he was the only one that Calvin knew as the closest person throughout his life."Hello Calvin""hello" Calvin was shocked that the phone had been answered"He
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Chapter Four
On the other hand, Calvin was inside the hotel deep in thoughts. he didn't know what to do but he remembered the numbers that his father gave him, he looked at them and smiled."Tomorrow I have to leave the country very quickly before these people find me. I have to go find help according to my father's instructions". He knew he would die if he played with time."Should I call my uncle and say goodbye before I leave?, me, but no, with the documents I have here and the things that have happened, I shouldn't trust anyone. For now, I will look for him one day, it's okay," Calvin said to himself and decided to sleep.He woke up very early in the morning and went back to their mansion first. He wanted to check if he was really being followed. He didn't go in the car. He decided to take a taxi and left all his things at the hotel. He arrived cautiously and opened the gate. He was shocked when he saw that the inner door was broken. things were thrown around carelessly, he knew he was right t
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Chapter Five
They arrived inside and were surprised that people were busy tattooing, only one man was playing with the computer. then among the men he went and asked him "Brother, is there a service I can get here other than tattoos", the man replied "yes, you can get a new look". he was surprised and asked "Does this mean you have a fake face?" The man replied "Yes, of course.", he cursed "Shiiiiiiiit", he ran to his colleagues and told him “The idiot is playing with us. He is the one we argued about as he was coming out,” so they ran outside but did not find anyone. Calvin had left for a long time without being recognized where he was heading.It is in one of the largest cities in Japan called Osaka with a population of approximately 2.691 million people, with an area of 223 square kilometres, it is one of the most expensive cities in Japan and in the world in general, being the most famous for its amazing traditional foods and locals who spend time there eating and a drink. Inside the city
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Chapter Six
Akio smiled after being given the location and then turned the car around and headed to the place. When Calvin was outside the hotel, he saw a very elegant black car pulling up in front of him, a very handsome man got out. although he was not taller than Calvin, wearing clean cloth pants and a long-sleeved shirt with rubber on the bottom, while his body toned from training spread well on his shirt and made him look good, it was none other than Akio. if you look at him he is a good-looking young man but he is a very dangerous spy and he does very dangerous events in the world you will know about in the future. He took out a picture and compared it to Calvin's face, then he smiled and told Calvin to "get in the car" and then drove off very fast. That was the official beginning of young Calvin Jackson's new life.They arrived at old man Haruto's big castle, Calvin was very surprised after seeing about twenty-five young people who seemed to come from different countries busy doing dangero
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Chapter Seven
only one year had passed since he lost his mother to a heart disease that gnawed his mother for more than five years until it led to her death due to lack of better treatment, and his father faced the same problem that put him in bed unable to even lift his leg. "I really hate poverty" The man uttered with emphasis full of stress. he raised his face from the very heavy feelings of evaluating his whole future and what he was going through.He didn't see the need to stay there and witness his beloved father dying in bed. He was heading on the road to see if he would get help. Due to the fact that he was thinking too much, it led him to lose focus until he was shocked by a very loud car horn. the car tried to avoid him but since it was at high speed the driver managed to avoid him even though it scratched his leg a little and threw him away. The car stopped and a very smart young man got out wearing a clean suit. "I am very sorry brother, I didn't see you in the middle of the r
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Chapter Eight
................."My name is Jackson Aron. The first born child and the only child, I never had my little sister but she died of cancer when she was still very young."wait a minute, the same rich man who owns the Aron Foundation to help orphans and the elderly and last month was named among the richest people, is this your father?“"yes old man""I didn't expect him to have a good child like you, I believe that you coming here will have something fundamental", interrupted Jack "he is the one who brought us here and he paid for everything"the old man couldn't believe that he was helped by the son of a very rich man. he wanted to get up and thank the young man for his unique heart but his condition was bad, Jackson had to catch him on the bed and sit next to him. The old man stroked Jackson's cheeks while holding a drip tube in his hands and called his boy with a sign, and then he moved."I know my son will be alone in this world. I don't have any siblings because I was a street kid
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Chapter Nine
The year did not end, he decided to marry his girlfriend who had been with him since he was in college. This was like releasing loneliness and finding new comfort in his heart. The woman was none other than Mrs. Alice Jackson, who was a law graduate.After getting married, it was the time when Mr Decco moved and went to start his new home, which Jackson built at a very high cost like his brother until today. Mr. Decco was now one of the richest people in this city.**********He took a deep breath after coming out of the heavy and exciting memory of his whole life and how he was able to get to know old Jackson Aron who is now deceased. He took a puff of his cigarette which led to Mr Decco releasing out a lot of smoke."Please forgive me my friend for what I did. I know you didn't deserve this reward for the good you did for me but I have no other choice than what I did. Be safe Mr Jackson even though I know you can't forgive me.“ Mr Decco added and then left his place where he stayed
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Chapter Ten
"Espionage has its origin in France where this word comes from the word espionner which means to spy and the spy was called espion. Espionage is an investigation that involves the acquisition of very secretive and very intimate information from sources that are not easily available or not direct, open information, but the collector of such information does not have any permission to do so. In short, it is an illegal method of collecting internal and confidential information. The information aims to bring visible positive benefits to the wider interests of the nation, and a person who is responsible for that intelligence work is called a spy or espionage agent. These are people who are very secretive from very sensitive fields or institutions, here I mean national security departments.““These are the most secretive people in the country and they are the ones who deal with the security of the country, making sure it's safe at any cost. When necessary even to end their lives and that is
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