A Deal With the Big Blue Wolf

'That's massive..'

Ian couldn't help but be shocked as he saw the wolf who crashed into his shield.

Normal adult wolves were blue-grey in colour, about the same size as a human. But the one standing in front of him was double their size and had deep blue patches all over his body.

The dust around them slowly subsided and the wolf stood up on his feet once again. It looked around and saw the shield behind it.

Since the shield was connected to Ian, his eyes naturally turned to Ian next. Ash and Louis stepped forward and covered Ian slightly as they tried to figure out what it'd do next.

They were already treating him with hostility since he disturbed their meal. It was also true that many people would've gotten hurt if it weren't for Ian's shield. As such, they were just treating it like another mindless creature.

But they seemed to have forgotten an important thing. Just like the humans, where the higher up you went on the ladder, the stronger and smarter they were, wolves were no
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