Back From the Apocalyptic Future

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Back From the Apocalyptic Future

By: Rytir CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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In a post-apocalyptic world, Arifin gets a demonic item that forces him to travel back in time, manipulating him by provoking his old dream. He tries to save his childhood crush and the people around him from the impending disaster. Yet, the girl rejects him harshly, accusing him of being a freak stalker. People shun him for being a weirdo. What will he do? Save the world or let them burn to ashes?

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  • King Mohammed


    Keep up the good work! can't wait for the next update.

    2023-06-08 03:49:37
  • Momoh mohammed


    Awesome stuffs, keep it up. I highly recommend

    2023-06-08 03:45:14
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121 chapters
001 - The Greed
Where there is desire, there is sacrifice. And the greediest thing that ever occurred on earth had sacrificed the fate of humanity. After World War 3 turned most of the habitable lands into deadly zones, several small meteorites also started raining down to the earth each year, creating catastrophes in so many earth surfaces. Those who survived the meteor collision were still affected by the mysterious energy radiation. However, only a few of them were able to survive and experienced evolution. One of them is this 28-year-old swordsman named Arifin Tetsuo. He is considered as one of the awakened warriors, due to his unique ability in creating a shapeless repuslive barrier. It’s great, right? Not at all. Because of this ability, he is alway exhausted almost all the time due to the burden it creates in his mind. He almost never uses his sword to fight monster. And just like any other day, he spends most of his time in the medical tent, unconsciouness. That morning, he wakes up by t
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002 - Betrayal
A moment later, the man notices his legs are being rooted by some block of ice. He tries to break it, but he is late in getting away from Zaw Min’s saber. His demonic left hand, the one holding the unique Kris, has been severed, and is now flown in the air. That man is now looking so pissed off because of it. He draws his severed hand toward Zaw Min. A kind of demonic flesh grows so fast, sprouting out and hitting Zaw Min right in the chest. It slams Zaw Min so hard to the giant petal, and makes him unconscious. That bizarre demonic arm is slowly shrinking and turning into a normal arm. That mysterious man is now back to having two arms again. “Hey, buddy! What year is it now?” he asks with a friendly manner. “Huh? Um, it’s 2093,” replies Arifin with a confused face. “It has been that long, huh?!” says that man with a naive look. “Now that’s really a problem. It seems like I went too far into the future.” Since losing that mystical Kris, this man doesn’t look like a monster anym
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003 - What You Truly Desire
Slowly, Arifin regains his ability to move. He holds Grace so tightly, and releases a repulsion force to push those zombies away. He tries to shake Grace who is already losing her consciousness. But there's nothing he can do to save her. All he can do is look up to the sky, howling his cries with so much agony. In desperation, he vents out his anger to those zombies, butchering them all with so much madness. But then he realizes, no matter how many zombies he kills, he can’t bring Grace back to life. That’s when that mysterious voice appears again in his head. > “Shut up! There’s nothing I want from this hellish life.” > “Just kill me then! Just kill me!!!” > And so, Arifin starts remembering all the dreams he had in the past. He even begins to see an illusion. It’s the illusion of himself when he was a
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004 - Fix Your Manner
Arifin doesn’t answer him. But the dude keeps shouting at him so close to his left ear, forcing him to give an answer. Arifin can only look down while giving an answer. “There’s no rule that prohibits me from having hair like this. After all, this is not bleaching. It’s natural.” “Bullshit! No rule you said?” That man then averts his attention to the other new student. “All of you! Try repeating the first rule studying on this campus!” All of those new students look confused, not knowing what rule that dude is asking. And so, that man named Ronald draws his face close to Arifin and yells at him. “Your seniors are never wrong. And the second rule is, if you ever find your seniors wrong, go back to the first rule.” He then also conveys it to the other new students, and tells them to repeat it. He even forces them to do push-ups together while repeating the same verse over and over. Weirdly, those seniors deliberately leave Arifin alone. They don’t punish him at all, while all the o
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005 - Warnings From The Future
That intimidation is really so powerful. Arifin can only look down. He then just stops writing, and starts thinking whether to continue his study or just quit it for good. It feels like he is taught to be stupid and to have a mindset like a slave. It’s still three weeks in his college life. And he is already feeling unable to hold it anymore. And so, he just packs his stuff and takes his leave without saying anything. That lady named Marie just shakes her head. “Someone like him will never have any future unless he fixes his manners.” She then tries to ignore Arifin and starts giving her students excescise in calculating the oxidation number. When these students start doing this practice, only then they realize there’s something wrong. “Mam! I think, this shouldn’t how we calculate the oxydation number of central metal ion in complex compound. It seems like not all of these complex molecule you give having neutral charge. We shouldn’t always start it by treating these molecules hav
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006 - A Freak
Arifin knows how stupid it is in people’s heads. There’s no way he can prove it, that he is just coming back from the post apocalyptic future. He is not a stupid, and not a naive kid. He now understands what people will think of him after giving such a warning. But still, he knows so well what kind of disaster would happen to them. He just cries desperately with pathetic face as all those laughters shower him. As much as he wants to prevent everything, yet he feels so helpless to convince them all. “No, I mean it!” he mumbles with a pathetic face. He slowly turns away by looking down as he hides his sorrow. “This is not a joke. You just have no idea what I have gone through.” And again, he accidentally meets eyes with Andini, the girl he has loved since childhood. At this moment, he remembers that this girl died during the meteorite fall which shattered all his dreams in the previous life. “Andini! I know this is stupid. But please, don’t go near the city on February 13th. Your ho
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007 - The Countdown
After all, the incident in Russia happened only three days ago, and the leak of that information only occured recently. Prof. Irwan knows it’s not that easy to get that data. They could just still be trying to save the people there and counting the death toll. “How did you get those numbers?” asks Prof. Irwan. “The death toll will continue to increase in the coming months. Like you said, countries like them should be able to see the coming of meteorites. However, it seems like they were a bit too late to respond to it.” Arifin gets up and takes his leave. But then, Professor Irwan says something that makes him stop for a moment right at the door. “Yet you easily gave warning by telling the exact location, the date, and the timing? Even the sequence of events to follow it in other cities? Have you spotted the meteorites?” Arifin just glances a bit to the back. But then he just leaves without saying anything. There’s no way he can tell him that he is coming back from the future. Af
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008 - Get Away From Me
That evil spirit is so ugly. It isn’t clear if it’s a male or female. Its shape is almost transparent like white smooth robe, having an image like a human with an unclear face. Its long messy black hair is all over the place covering most of its face. But Arifin can still see the ugly grins of that devilish creature. “There you are, the branded child! The one who has been sacrificed as an offering for the Carrion Flower Devil! That smell, I like the smile of you. It makes me so horny and hot.” After hearing that evil spirit talking to him, only then Arifin can identify it as a female. He also can see most of her ugly face now. “Wha, wha, what are you talking about?” replies Arifin with an eerie face, and the chill running down his spine. “Don’t speak like you know me. And, don’t talk like you are falling in love with me at first sight.” But the evil spirit just laughs like a madwoman. “There’s no one who can stand your temptation.” “Bitch, please! Look at your face in the mirror!
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009 - This Ain't A Game
He just gets away from Minda by running across the street. He even stops once, and then waves his hands like he is inviting those evil spirits to come to his direction. Minda averts her attention, with some curiosity to whom Arifin waves his hands. But she doesn’t see anything. She turns her attention back to Arifin with a cringed expression. “Hey, what’s wrong with...” “Just get away from me!” Arifin exclaims impatiently. “Get back inside the shop!” It startles Minda, making her a bit scared by how mad Arifin’s face is when shouting at her. It also attracts the attention of a few other people who are now inside the coffee shop. Sadly, Arifin also notices a few other evil spirits hovering above Minda’s house. As soon as they see Arifin, they dive toward him. Judging by their movement, it’s clear they are going to hit Minda on the way. Arifin has no choice but to rush toward Minda and then pushes her to the ground. “Kyaaa!!!” Minda falls, and those few evil spirits penetrate Ari
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010 - Give Me That Fucking Soul
He runs and keeps running in the dark. Never comes to his mind about drawing that katana to fight back. Because he isn’t able to think straight at the moment. Until he reaches a location which is a bit more spacious with fewer trees around him. Even the dim light of stars enables him to observe his surroundings a bit more clearly. And now he knows that he is already surrounded by those demonic creatures. “Hold on! If they can hurt me, doesn’t that mean I can also touch them?” After standing there for a moment considering his options, only then does he draw his katana. “Come! Let’s see what you got?” He drops the scabbard on the ground. He slowly turns around in all directions with so much alertness while holding that katana with both hands. At least, he is not an amateur with that sword. And he has vast experience in the battlefield from his previous life as an awakened warrior. Four of those dedemit(s) are already so close ramming at him aggressively like wild boars. He manages
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