Lunch With the King
The Next Day.

Ian left the kids at the Queens care as he only took the wolf kid, Louis and Ash with him. He never took Damon since that way, he could properly utilise Damon's powers in times of Danger.

There wasn't too much of a crowd in front of the building where the King rested since it was almost noon. Most of the crowds visited the King either in the morning or the evening.

Morning for commoner, and evening for nobles, that was an unwritten rule in the city. Ian wondered if it was really okay to visit the King at such an awkward time but shook his head soon.

"Let's go."

Ian, the wolf kid in his shoulder and Louis and Lucas on his side, the four of them entered the building together and was soon stopped by one of the royal guards.

The royal guards had their own uniform and were all unique individuals selected for their outstanding talent in specific fields, be it intelligence, knowledge, strength, quick decision making. Every one of them were special.

"Your identity."

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