Drunken Master

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Drunken Master

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Su Jin is the third and youngest son of a City Lord. When his brother was born, dragon roars resounded in the sky and when his sister was born, the entire city quaked and was almost buried but when he was born, nothing happened. He was born without a Spirit Root, Meridians and no Acupoints. Someone coveting his wife tried to kill him by drowning him in a huge barrel filled with all kinds of wines but as if it was a blessing in disguise, he became a cultivator. He now has the Drunken Scripture. "I don't just want to be the only drunken, let the city, the country, the continent, the world, the heavens be drunk with me!"


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78 chapters
Chapter 1: Death Intoxicating Wine!
"How great it would have been if I was a cultivator. Destroying mountains and plucking the stars with my bare hands. Travel the starry space unhindered, gaining immortality and living forever but unfortunately..." a young man layed on the grass under a tree as he looked at the partly cloudy sky. His looks were really good and went well with his ocean blue hair. He was wearing black robes engraved with gold dragon patterns. This young man was the third and youngest child of the City Lord, when he was born, no phenomenon occurred in the sky or the earth. When his eldest brother was born, dragons roars resounded throughout the entire city and clouds also took dragon forms, his sister caused massive damage when she was born. She had caused a terrifying earthquake that almost collapsed the entire city but for him, his birth was very ordinary. Su Jin really loved and admired cultivators ever since he was little, when he found out that he would live his life like an ordinary person he wa
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Chapter 2: Dream Come True
The soldiers looked everywhere for Su Jin but couldn't find him, even his two siblings rushed back when they heard that their youngest brother went missing but even they couldn't find him. Su Bohai, the eldest son of the city lord returned to his Sect and Su Bo also returned after being unable to locate Su Jin. Due to stress and depression, Qui Huizhong had a miscarriage and lost her baby. With both her loved ones gone, living seemed meaningless so she tried to commit suicide. She stabbed her heart with a sword and then collapsed, hours later, she woke up and surprisingly, the sword she stabbed herself with was gone and there was no blood on the floor. When she checked herself, she found out that her heart was now jade like and had many colours to it. She had awakened the Spirit Jade Heart which didn't just enable her to command all elements, wind, water, fire, earth, metal and wood but also be able to summon spirits. She went back to the huge tree where Su Jin would always be sleep
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Chapter 3: Bold Statement.
Su Jin finally saw sunlight after cultivating for a full ten years even though he didn't know, the scenery on the surface was quite beautiful. Beautiful flowers grew on the green healthy grass and the tall trees provided fresh air, it was a perfect place if one wanted to relax or if lovers were out on a date. Seeing this, Su Jin felt all his worries disappear and his mind also became clear of any disturbing thoughts. The other two also felt relaxed, to stumble on the underground cavern could be considered their luck or bad luck. They were just chilling when the young man suddenly fell into the hole, flustered, the young girl also jumped in to save him. Never did they ever think that instead of treasures, they'd disturb a powerful cultivator who was sleeping, a drunkard to boot. "Lead the way." Su Jin dragged them out of their thoughts and they started their journey to the capital city. It wasn't long before Su Jin stopped them, "Hey, can you smell that?" he asked. The duo also sni
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Chapter 4: Wealthy
"Halt! No one is permitted to enter the residence of the Lord Su. Go back now before you get yourself hurt!" a guard shouted while running towards Su Jin's group, he didn't seem to have heard Su Jin's shouting or maybe just chose not to take it to heart. The guard seemed new and didn't recognise the young master of the Su family. "Who are you to stop me from seeing my father?!" Su Jin became a little exasperated, it had been a long time since he saw his family and just when he was about to reunite with his family, here was this guy stopping him from doing so. "Just forget it." he said this before the guard could reply and even walked past him with the two youngsters. "Stop! Didn't I tell you, no one is allowed inside the Lord Su's residence. And how dare you claim yourself to be Lord Su's son! Insolent!"The guard pulled out his sword in an attempt to harm Su Jin, the sword was aimed at Su Jin's legs,it was a Grade one weapon. The guard was clearly planning on teaching Su Jin a lesso
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Chapter 5: Clouds Split!
The three men were already enjoying dinner in another room while looking at the beautiful garden not far from them, the two who came with Su Jin had already been led to their resting and wouldn't be appropriate to follow Su Jin at this time. "That's all I remember." said Su Jin. His uncle and father nodded that they finally understood the situation. "Which bastard has the guts to kidnap my nephew! If I ever lay my hands on him, I swear I'll skin him alive!" vowed his uncle. Although his father was also very angry, he didn't the same way like his brother. "So father, did you receive any news about my brother and sister?" Su Jin's father's expression became sullen and lonely and so was Uncle Ling's . "They've probably already left this world." his father said. "What! How is that even possible?!" Su Jin couldn't believe it. "Little Jin, there's something I have to tell you. Your mother didn't die after giving birth to you, she went back to her home world." explained his father. Su Jin
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Chapter 6: Misty Rain Technique!
Not long after Su Jin had split the clouds in the sky, it began to rain and it was raining cats and dogs. Su Jin just stood there, seemingly to be in deep contemplation, "Huizhong, I'll definitely get revenge for you and our child. Those people shall pay with their lives!" Su Jin's gaze was cold as killing intent filled his eyes. His fist were clenched so hard that his nails had pierced through his palm but he didn't bleed. The two brothers felt the sudden shift in Su Jin's emotions and remained quiet, they knew that whatever was on his mind, he had to resolve it himself. Taking a deep breath, he felt calm and relaxed his hands. Powerful auras suddenly appeared from all directions which made the two brothers extremely scared. Their instincts told them that if these people wanted them dead, it would be simple as squashing an ant thus remained seated. Su Jin didn't care about the powerful auras as he stood in the heavy rain with his eyes closed. The auras then disappeared completely,
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Chapter 7: Come here!
Su Jin woke up the next morning feeling more refreshed than ever, he subconsciously touched the other side of his bed only to remember that his wife wasn't there. "Haaa... Living without you is gonna be more difficult than I expected." he said to himself. He then picked up the pillow that was previously used by Huizhong and took a deep breath of it which had a feint scent of Huizhong's and that's when he realised that there was something stuffed inside the pillow. Slowly opening it, there was a silky red scarf inside the pillow and baby shoes made from precious material. He picked up both items with shaky hands as tears ran down his face like a waterfall,the scarf had a strong scent of Huizhong. While the baby shoes didn't have any scent on them, they still gave Su Jin an unknown feeling. The baby shoes were then tied to his waist while he wrapped the scarf around his neck even though he didn't cold or change in temperature. "They might have separated us once but they won't do it twi
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Chapter 8: "Don't Go Too Far!"
Su Jin then approached the sword that called him, the handle of the sword was pitch black while the body of the sword was blood red, the sword gave off an icy and eerie aura almost as if it were created from death. Su Jin stood in front of the sword and minutes later looked back and asked, "What do I do now?" the sword had kept quiet now even though it was the one that called Su Jin over. The duo wanted to ask why he had been there for a few minutes if he didn't know what to do. "Drip some of your blood on the sword and see if it'll recognise you as its master." said his father. Su Jin nodded before he bit his thumb and created a gash where a single drop of blood flowed out of his thumb but immediately after the drop of blood flowed out and fell on the sword,the entire room was filled with a rich and sweet fragrance.The duo's faces were as red as a tomato as their visions became blurry and they collapsed on the ground,the red sword also vibrated and changed colour from blood red to
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Chapter 9: Silver Toothed Wolves!
The escort sat quietly in the carriage while Su Jin slept, it seemed that Su Jin enjoyed sleeping because of his time was spent on him sleeping. The escort was wondering Su Jin had managed to kill hundreds of people with just a wave of his sword, it was truly inconceivable and terrifying. ' No wonder His Majesty gave the order personally, he's a monster!' thought the escort to himself. He then looked out the window of the carriage and it was already dark outside. "Let's stop here!" he said to the coachman. He then created a campfire and sat with the coachman while Su Jin continued to sleep in the carriage. "What do you think of him?" the escort asked the coachman, they were surrounded by a barrier so that no one could eavesdrop on their conversation. If Su Jin was here, he would have been shocked because the coachman seemed like an ordinary person but was actually an expert. "His Majesty's foresight truly is amazing. I thought we were going to pick up trash, who would have thought we
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Chapter 10: Rainbow Cloud
Two horses from afar could be seen running at an incredible speed, there was a young man riding one of the horses while two middle aged man rode on the second one. The trio was practically wearing drags and looked nothing like warriors but like that of homeless men,their clothes were torn while their faces were covered in dirt and dust, not to mention how messy their hair was. The dark circles on their eyes spoke for themselves that they hadn't slept in days.Although cultivators in their levels wouldn't need much sleep since they had so much energy as cultivators, it was another story if they had exhausted that energy. To say they went through a lot would be an understatement, it was better to say they literally went through hell. They had to hide, fight and even bet their lives sometimes just to leave that hell hole. And after days if not weeks in that hell hole, they finally saw a glimpse of the huge city gates that gave them hope to continue foward. "Watching the hobos slowly app
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