Do I Look Like a Criminal?

Clap clap clap

"Wow. That was impressive!"

"You improved so much since the last time, man! I'm jealous."

"That was great. I couldn't find any opening the whole time."

The junior knights and the seniors, including Corner himself, all praised Arthur as he showed off his progress. It looked like a scene from a novel where the protagonist was being acknowledged by his colleagues or peers.

'Really. So novel like..'

Ian, who was resting his chin on his palm, sighed as he watched the main character bask in glory. He was literally shining, well, it was the sun, but anyway! Ian liked scenes like these where Arthur got the recognition that he deserved. But now that it was happening in real life-

'So cringey..'

He could feel goosebumps rising on his arm as he tried not to think like that. And since he had no intention of ruining the moment for Art, he kept silent throughout the whole time, erasing his presence li
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