Drunk Ian!

Ian and his party were currently staying in the tribal people's village.

After they sorted out the initial misunderstanding that they had about each other, they decided to party all night to forget about the bad stuff.

While Ian was busy informing the chief about what was happening in the outside world, time passed and morning arrived before the two even realised.

Since they were drinking and eating snacks the whole night, Ian felt tipsy by the time morning came. The two of them were the only ones awake by that time, everyone else deep asleep.

After the chief also fell asleep losing the fight against the alcohol and drowsiness, Ian was the only one standing. He pondered for a moment whether he should also take a nap but then decided against it.

"Someone should stay awake.. "

He mumbled under his breath, cheeks flushing red as an effect to the alcohol. He could easily flush it out if he wanted to but the feeling of getting drunk after so long got to him.

Noah used to be a regular dr
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