Embarrassed Ian

As Ian's parents and the other's despaired over what a terrible thing they had done and how they could get Ian back, on the other side of the city. 


A forest not too dense yet desolated enough for no people to be seen anywhere around. 

In a certain spot inside that forest, a turbulence in the air started to rise. Inside a vortex created by the wind, soon sparks and then fire appeared. 

A tornado made of fire and then soon, it took the shape of a human. The human shaped fire landed softly on the dry leaves piling up on the ground. 

Crinkle. Crinkle. 

At the sounds of leaves getting crushed by his weight, a nearby squirrels ran back into his home in fear. 

"Hmm.. This should be far enough.."

The human shaped fire had started to resemble a body similar to a human and soon

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