Going back to being Noah

"I would've given him a pat on the head if I could."

Ian mumbled subconsciously as he thought about his younger self. He was reminded of his past full of struggles when he saw Rick having a hard time.

But the thing is, he only thought about it on the inside and had no intention of saying it out loud. It was just one of those slip of the tongue moments.

And the one sitting opposite of him couldn't help but misunderstand his intentions. It was only natural.


Rick's fork fell from him hand as he heard what Ian just mumbled. He could tell that it was clearly directed towards him by the look his two guards were giving him and Ian. Even the two of them looked surprised.

'He wants to pat my head?!'

He thought to himself, shocked out of his wits. Although Ian was definitely the older one, but even until yesterday, Rick was the King of a whole tribe.

People of all age treated him with fear and respect. And he had to maintain the dignity of a King no matter the situation. As such, althoug
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