The One He Fought With

"I'm not crying! It's just.. something's wrong with my eyes.."

Rick said those words in a fluster as he tried to wipe away the tears dripping down his eyes. Ian and his two guards simply looked at him with caring and gentle eyes as he did so.

After a few moments passed like that, Rick managed to control the tears rolling down his eyes involuntarily and finally sighed. With his ears and eyes turning red in the process, he didn't look as majestic as he did the first time they met.

After that, although the atmosphere was a little awkward around the room, it was also more comfortable and soothing than before. There was a strange sense of tranquility.

"Brother requested for all your party members to be present in the luncheon."

The King had arranged for a small luncheon since Ian refused to go public. The luncheon would only be attended by the royal family and Ian's party. But due to the status of the two party that would be attending the luncheon, the preparation was still pretty grand.

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