Another Misunderstanding

'Let's have breakfast together!'

Rick's words were directly delivered to Ian through the servant. He nodded his head with a smile and-


-followed the servant out of his room and went to the location where Rick had arranged for him and Ian to have breakfast together.

They walked for a few minutes and the servant finally stopped in front of a giant door. There were two guards standing outside the door and securing the room.

Ian looked at the guards and was surprised when he found the two familiar faces he had seen before. It was none other than Amber and Richard.

The red headed wolf looked as playful and sneaky as ever while the blue wolf looked as straightforward as one could be. Even while standing still, their aura was clearly different from each other.

"Long time no see!"

Ian greeted the two of them with a happy smile as he approached them. The servant bowed and left Ian in their care so they could speak comfortably.

"We just saw each other yesterday."

"I'm glad I could me
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