My Senses are Warning me!

"Everyone ready?"

Ian asked as he checked his equipments one last time. Well, there wasn't much to check actually. All of his stuff were stored in the dimensional ring, leaving him with only a small bag on his back. 

However, the others had a lot to check, since none of them wanted to put their newly received weapon down and carry it with themselves. 

'Are they going to destroy a country or what?'

Ian thought as he looked at his party. He had a demon, a maze, a knight captain who was on the grandmaster level, two knights who were also nearing the sword master level. 

'Isn't this enough to threaten a kingdom?'

He wondered how the villagers would react if they knew about these facts. Those friendly faces would turn into one of horror and fear within seconds. That's how much of a bad thing power was. 

"By the way, do you have a gender?"

He asked as he looked at the maze. It had changed it's appearance to one of

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