Rescuing the Princess

'Young master Adrian is hurt..'

Rianne thought to herself. She could clearly smell the faint scent of blood coming from Ian's direction. 

But even when she asked if he was okay, he answered as if nothing was wrong. Just when Rianne was trying to figure out Ian's condition, she heard other footsteps coming from behind them. 

The three people that were with Venom was approaching them from behind. One of the three guys mumbled something to her ears and she chuckled. 

"Not a bad idea indeed!"

She spoke delightfully. Her eyes looked more vicious than ever as she twirled another small knife in her other hand. 

'What's she planning now?'

Ian wondered, getting a bad feeling from the way she maliciously smiled. 

"This'll keep you to your place."

She whispered and moved her hand. Th

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