Ian's Regret

"The one I was having a fight with... "

Richard thought for a moment and then looked to his right, where Amber was sitting. She looked a little awkward, unlike her usual playful expression as Richard finished his sentence.

"It's her."

He pointed towards Amber with his eyes as he spoke. Ian almost dropped the cookie in his hands as he looked between Richard and Amber simultaneously.


He was shocked. Clearly. And he also felt a little stupid.

The two of them were Royal guards, Rick's exclusive guards to be precise. That alone was enough to tell him about their power level and rank within the tribe.

After all, only the strongest could stand with the King. And if Richard and Amber were the two strongest individual after Rick at that moment, then the person Richard fought, or rather, the one who flung him away had to be either Rick or... Amber.

'Am I stupid or what?'

Ian slapped himself internally as he looked at the two of them with a contorted face. But in the end, it wasn't exac
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