A Familiar Sensation

Tuxela was Huge.

That was the only expression Bayo could think of in the attempt to quantify the vastness of the Free Zone.

If it was not a market scene then he would have assumed it was some ground for some super private government research facility. Something that would contain lots of things but yet excluded from the general public, only for those with private access.

However, Tuxela was not like that. It was amazing that he would see something like this. 

Compared to the retirement town of Laprisha, Tuxela was way bigger. Massive structures jutted out from here and there, some of them being on par with the size and bulk of the Laprisha Arena Market he had been to. The noise… it was never ending, a constant buzz of intertwined voices, chants, ringing, banging and occasionally screams.  

The roads that Bayo saw, not the road himself and the others which were on the outskirts of the Freezone but rather the ones that led into it


Sweet. I like suspense

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