Robbing the Robbers

Bayo walked out, sliding the curtain out only to smile out as Shino, Ronke and Hana bursted out from the sides of the chariot, their faces furious and mad. Ronke from the top, Shin from the left and Hana from the right. 

“Oh, hi guys…” Bayo smiled. ‘Come in, you all. We have just the catch.”

 The three of the pursuers immediately skidded to a halt, raising dust in their wake except for Ronke who slammed down before the Chariot and then simultaneously raised a wall of earth to stop the galloping of the horses as the wall appeared just right in front of the beasts. 

Neighs rented the air and Ronke exhaled,looking around her. The Freezone of Tuxela was lax in its security measures and so, she would not be expecting any of the guards to pop out now that they had caused quite the ruckus.In fact, even th


So, they literally robbed them eh... Lol I guess there is not much room for morals, eh... Just survival fo the fittest and based on how sacred the thieves are, this is expected. Both thieves are Ascenders but whyy are they sos cared. Just that mean taht there are other Ascenders who are really way weaker than Bayo? Well, we have seen the proof of that. I am just happy that Bayo and Shin did not choose to assimilate them. Although Shin does not know how to sense Ascenders, or so i think. It just happens once in a while for him... It is usually Bayo sensing them. I hope these number 8 and no 9 can get stronger though

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