A New Quest

Hand of the Sect, I have duly received and acknowledged your report on the happenings in the First Heaven.

May your chains continue to bring just punishment to all those who oppose the return of the MadPrime.

Indeed, I approve of your actions towards combating the Emere. Had it been left unchecked, the case may be different from what it is now. 

And if it were to be different, then, we can say again, much to our defeat that the crazy gods themselves have bested us in this, once again.

Those idiotic gods, living in all the wealth and power but yet subjecting the rest of us like pawns on a game of chess to their manipulative biddings.

For centuries, we have endure their torture, continuously. And out of fear, we failed to stand by the Mad Prime in his greatest moments.

If we had just the guts, perhaps Trixius himself might be the new god of all, the one with a better plan for us all. 

Alas, such is not the case. But then again

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