Abiola's Hand II


Fear was the first emotion that's gripped Bayo. This early and he was already cocooned? 

His heart took a double double beat, compounding his 5-foot frame. The layer of sand was like a second skin strongly sticking to his body but yet holding inbound in one place.

The Familiar, Ronke, did not have plans for him to join the fight. And that he could not accept. After all, the only option Bayo had to save Jasper was through the female familiar.

'I can't go out now. We just started. I'm not done yet.' Bayo mused. 'Alright, Yasmin, let's get It started. Status!"


Name: Bayo -Ascender Human

Specie: Spirit Wolf Prime -Mythic Type

Soul Stage: Ground Class 

Energy: 901/990

Ability: Complex Speech, Energy Absorption, Alpha Howl, Crackling body, Buff Up, Agbara Detection

Law: (Law of Love) Law of Gluttony 


'You might want to

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