Aerial Battle Commences



 A loud bang exploded now and the ship suddenly rocked to the left violently. Bayo could only growl silently in pain as his head, in reaction to the sudan movement, bounced against the wooden bar just before his head, towards the left hand side of the bed.

“What happened?” ROnke and Hana shouted almost immediately as they jolted out of the cabin, looks of questioning on their face towards the one at the cockpit. Shin.

‘Well…” Shin cried out to them, his head tilted upwards, looking at something which was beyond them. “We have company and they have real mood swings.” He said, tilting to the right  with the steering wheel as he attempted to stabilise the ship now. 



WHo do you think is the Lightning Fist Chimp? Oho, this is nice. Notice that the Chimp did not take the attack head on. And Chimps are bound to be stupid. That ought not to be, sooo. what gives? Put 2 plus 2 together and see it. Lol. Thanks for still reading

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