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Ayao is the goddess of air and all that moves in the air. That means, she is also the goddess of all flying creatures and of course, the one who was the progenitor of the flying boats. By dispensation of her Aspect of Reality, she is deemed the most important of all the Orisha, that is excluding the mother of storms, Oya and the Father of Light, Obatala. 

Air is crucial to everyone and whether we would want to admit it or not,w e cannot deny the fact that air, if viewed as a liquid, is all about us. The vacuum in space that is between objects and things is made up of air. And thus, ibn this manner, the importance of air cannot be overlooked. In fact, if we were to understand this rather crucially, we must realize that without Air acting as space, then The Void would simply be all about us. And if so, you can only imagine the number of casualties which would rise by the day. 


Did you think that they would go scot free? Well, I didnt think so too. We have reached the end of an arc. Now, on to the next arc now. It promises to be very interesting. Spoilers though, it would be more focused on Hana. I mean, it has being more of Shin and Bayo and ROnke. Hana has been playing supportive role mostly. Its time for her to shine. A-ahem, enough spoilers, lol.

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