Bayo's Day Out

Earlier on.

Bayo lay, head on paws in the far corner, diagonally opposite, of the room watching as the Hadjans got up from the bed.

It was a dual bed styled room,with each bed facing each other like a hostel setting. The wooden walls are grey, monotonic in sight. Below the iron frames of the beds are wooden cabinets, space reserved for personal effects. 

The ceilings, made of boarded wood is of cream color, the structure wise color variation in the room presently.

The Hadjans, Hana and Shin seemed rather suspicious to Bayo from day one. Noticing their eyes on him, Bayo makes his eyelids shut, subtly. He figured if this was the time they'd make their move then he had to also make sure everything went on smoothly.

There was no point in falsely accusing someone, was there.

His limbs ache with the dormant force that stiffened them in readiness for a spring. Surprisingly to him, nothing happens except for the opening of the black door. At th

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