Conference Room

Under the leading of Guardian Enamore, the newly arrived dragon scouts walked past and through series of passageways, stairways and the likes. Soon they arrived at the end of the passage that they were, double huge archway doors greeting them. One door was slightly ajar signifying that someone had being there recently. 

Guardian Enamore stopped just aside, smoothening her face and her hair while also packing and shaping her breasts mounds and buttocks too, earning some luscious lustful mouth licking from Aeneas and Denre. Seeing them, she fumed but held back from doing or saying anything. 

She had always been hotheaded and as result, she wasn't exactly the favorite guardian of all times. 

But what did that matter? As a guardian, she was in charge of the vast operations of the entirety of CFR, it's branch quarters, field operations, findings and research as well as other technical whatnot that she rarely had time to refelect on what anyone thought

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