Fiery Entrance is Always Cool

"Hey, don't you do that!" Tangera's large eyes that usually twinkled with excitement flashed as her face had an annoyed red hue to it.

Just by her side, in front of the cell in which the Shadow Spider was contained were the two bare chested Vampires with various spiral markings on their chest, down to the stomach. They extended their spear, each one to the left and right of Bayo respectively, the spears humming with dangerous death tingling energy as the form of Bayo went limp even as he was standing.

They were the takers, or so they were recalled. they were responsible for leading the beasts into the combat or retrieving them back again. 

As it was common practice for soul beasts in the bunkers to suddenly to go rogue and try to attack the people around, the management of the contest had improvised the Taker System as a safeguard that audbuded the innate will of the Soul Beast creature and then to allow them to lead the soul beast right into the Amphitheat

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