Hitting The Road IV

As she did, the force at which she turned around smacked right into the sword, adjusting the trajectory of it. But then, a blade was still a blade, whether or not it was to be hit or not. And as such, a sharp line tore through Hana’s cheek at the point of contact. 

But then again, with the sudden impact into it, the glowing lines on it flickered and then vanished just as Hana turned her head again, the right, clamping her teeth on the steel one more time. 

And just as she did, black smoke erupted just behind Hana, a female form appealing out of it and lunging for Ralia. Han did not wait to see what became of it. She could roughly place that Lady Grant had decided to engage the 13th born and so she did not wait to see what next. 

Instead, she hit the road, propelling her legs as she doubled over

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