Hypnotic Vee

His mind went blank. She said she knew him but how was he sure he had never come across her before. And it was not exactly like he was a popular person, was he?

He shook his head. He was probably overthinking it. That was what had happened that he did not know when perhaps, Shin would have said his name to her. And maybe because of the business, she had forgotten his name or something like that. 

“Come along now. I don't presume you have all day to waste here, gawking at my behind.’ Vee joked. 

Bayo gasped out at the joke that she had made. His eyes blinked and then he shook his head. It was such a vague feeling but then, he felt it still. The feeling that often rocked the back of his head when another Ascender was just nearby. 

“Ah! I should really ge


Hmm. Dont let her go, pal

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