Vee's Wares

“Ah… I did not meet them at Laprisha, we had come a long way from before Laprisha.” Bayo replied, against his will. 

The eyes of Vee glowered once more. She swallowed now, watching Bayo rather carefully. “I see… So you must have gotten them back at Drago, right, bayo?” 

“Uhhh….” Bayo tried to shake his head but he could not get to move himself. No matter how he willed himself, it was just as if he was frozen in one spot. It was very frustrating to him ebacsue with each passing second,he could literally feel his heart in his mouth. 

“W-what a-are y-you d-do-doing t-to me?” He stammered. 

Vee blinked now, a look of surprise on her face. She shook her head now and then let go of Bayo, h

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