New World Order

The Latent Stealth Dog circled the Horned Hind Bear, baring it's fangs aggresively, totally unafraid of the raging aura of the bear. Within few seconds, he jumped in, on to the bear, seeing the bear had become dazed with trying to follow him around and 


The business district of the dog homed on the unfortunate bear's head, shattering its skull instantly. 

Bayo howled, noting the increase in his strength since the encounter with the Love Goddess. So much that even these Bears could be finished with one critical hit. 

'Yasmin, Status.'


Latent Stealth Dog  -Mythic Type

Soul Stage: Ground Class

Energy: 103/70

Ability: Motion sensing, Heat infused Tail

Law Affinity: (Law of Gluttony) (Law of Love)


'Progress.' Over time, he had found that his bloodline type had changed to Mythic Type which meant that his pow

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