Rebellion: Captivity

She had only been with Liria a while back and now she woke up, feeling the overload of energy surging into her head. The pain of it had been what had pulled her out and in that instant, in order to relieve herself, she had to scream out, her scream being the attractive force that brought the cold faces looking at her. 

She heaved now, looking at the front of her. The light began to clear now and as it was clearing, she could make out the form of bars that were erected before her. 

“Bars?” She whispered. 

Then it hit her. 

She could actually feel things and excitement shot through her nerves. She looked down at herself, her eyes widening in excitement even as she felt a twitch of something furry that belonged to her bum. 

She heaved out, her chest was tightening in panic.

The whole of the environment that she found herself in was so much different from before. First, she had been bodiless, existing only as

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