Trapped In The Novel Of Criminal World

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Trapped In The Novel Of Criminal World

By: Ibn Zhaf OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Accused of being the murderer of his own parents, Deandra had to spend his golden years in prison. Ten years later, he has nothing, nor does he want anything. Living as a human who failed until the end of his life became the only option for him. But who would have thought? Another option comes with a mysterious man who asks Deandra to continue the failed story. In just one night, everything that was lost from his hands was returned to him. But all this is nothing more than another test. An ex-convict, drawn into the world of a novel where he is not the main character. How could that be? Surprisingly, that world actually provided everything that was missing from him in the real world. Now he is faced with two choices. Will he struggle to return to reality, or will he instead struggle to defend an imaginary world made especially for him? Note : The cover picture doesn't belong to me/ made by me, credits goes to the artist/owner

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Prologue : The Beginning Of Destruction
"Deandra Atma Wijaya.  You are accused of being the mastermind behind the murder of your own parents.  That night on the twelfth of November, you came home from a friend's house.  Got into a fight with your parents.  You then entered your father's room without permission and took a firearm from the bedroom drawer.  Then shoot your mother in the chest three times.  Your father tried to stop you by trying to grab the gun, but ended up getting two shots in the head and chest.  Then you decide to call the police out of panic and fear.  With so much evidence against you, I hereby demand Fifteen Years in prison for murder.” The prosecutor closed the blue folder in his hand.  Then rolled his eyes at a young man sitting blankly on the suspect's chair.  The heavy voice full of accusations that was loudly heard when the Prosecutor explained all the allegations and accusations against him could be heard clearly. 
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Chapter 1 : A Failed Work
His life has been ruined, he has no future, no one will accept him.  Those are every sentence that always accompanies this man's daily life, since he stepped out from behind the iron cage that had imprisoned him for ten years. No one welcomes the freedom of a bird with a broken wing.  Everyone was more interested in talking about the bird's wings, and gossiped that the bird would not be able to fly even if it was out of its nest. Ten years is not a short time.  But for this young man it seemed so short.  So scary is the world that awaits him out there, he hopes to return to the cage every moment of his life. But the cage also hoped that he would never return.  The poor man, the bird with the broken wing, had lost a place to die. He had no choice but to carry a hollow step somewhere far away.  Not a place that would accept him, but a place that wouldn't care about his existence.  A place where he c
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Chapter 2 : Mysterious Man
It had been a long time since Dean had felt so tense when he sat across from someone.  Even in the past when he was seated with lawyers, before judges and prosecutors, as well as witnesses who did not side with him.  Deandra did not feel this much pressure. “You finished the book overnight.  So I can guess, you're a little out of work huh?”  the chirps of the stranger across the table broke the silence between them. Dean snorted and then smiled.  Being between offended and sad because what the man said could not be denied by him. “I work from home.  So you could say I really don't have much work to do."  Deandra said without removing the smile on his face. The brief conversation that had created between them, seemed to have managed to make Dean a little more relaxed.  The way he sit was not as tense as before. “Work from home?  What kind of work?&rdqu
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Chapter 3 : Failed Death
If he did die, then at least Dean wanted someone to clearly tell him he was dead.  But a few moments passed, since Dean closed his eyes until now he couldn't hear anything other than a gust of wind that continued to gently caress his face. "What is this?  'die' is only like this, seriously?"  His mind grumbled. Tired of waiting, Deandra ventured to open his eyes.  As expected, the dazzling light had disappeared somewhere.  But strangely, the light disappeared along with everything that was originally around him. The bookshelves that were originally flanking him disappeared, the tiled floor he had originally stepped on disappeared.  Even so the tables, chairs, walls, roof and the man in front of him.  All disappeared.  All that was left was Deandra, and the book Oasis lying between his legs.“So… Is this heaven, or hell?”  Dean asked himself. He glanced
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Chapter 4 : What A Crazy Day
None of this is a joke.  Even if it's a joke, then it doesn't feel funny at all.  Deandra kept asking in his mind.  Who made this terrible game, and why should he be stuck in it? "Ivan?"  Dean spoke in a barely audible voice, a surprised look directed straight at the young man standing in front of him. "Devan.  This one’s Ivan."  said the young man objected, then pointing to another young man right beside him. "Are you drunk or what?  Is it possible to identify one's your own friend wrong?"  Ivan pouted as he folded his arms in front of his chest. For a moment, Dean was silent.  He continued to stare at the faces of two young men around seventeen years old in front of him. There was no way he would forget them.  Even though the past ten years have made it difficult to distinguish the names of the two non-identical twins. Ivan and Devan.  Nothing
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Chapter 5 : Back To School
Dean took a deep breath of the water that was pouring out of one of his nose.  Every now and then he would sob, while feeding vegetables into his own mouth. The sight had been seen since they occupied this dining table, and it was still an interesting spectacle even a few minutes later.  Ivan is the one who enjoyed the most. "Can people cry while eating?"  Ivan whispered to his twin brother."Yes, that's the proof."  Devan answered in a loud voice that made Ivan awkward. Deandra knew very well that he was being talked about.  The confused looks of his parents across the table were evident, but he didn't care. It's a sweet dream that somehow goes on longer than usual.  That was what Dean believed at least for now.  He too had decided to enjoy it while it lasted. "Where did you guys meet Dean?"  Dad asked, moving the fried fish in the middle of the table onto his own plate.<
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Chapter 6 : Taste Of New Life
It's not wrong to be complacent.  It had been ten years since Dean had last lunch together.  The smell of sweat from the high school uniform, indeed mixed with the canteen mother's fried noodles, which was only topped with chicory. But that can't make anyone lose their appetite.  Everyone likes to jostle just to buy unsatisfying food for one to five thousand rupiah."Dean want some meatballs?  Here are the meatballs!” Dean raised an eyebrow because it was Ivan who suddenly put a meatball into his bowl, without even listening to his response first. "Van, eat.  If you give it all to Dean, when will you be full."  Devan across the table squinted sharply. Responding to his brother's attitude, Ivan put on a sullen face.  While Dean just chuckled, laughing at his two friends who didn't change. From the beginning, it was very difficult for Ivan to have lunch with them.  On
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Chapter 7 : I'm Your Friend
Footsteps echoed as he passed through a long hallway.  Sometimes, the handcuffs on his hands would make a faint clanking sound when they accidentally bumped into each other.  A pair of iron shackles, is the price to be paid when he is given the opportunity to get out from behind bars.  It didn't matter, because only an hour later he would come back in.  The young man walked calmly with a guard who led faithfully.  Soon he entered a room containing a table and two chairs, one of which was occupied by another young man.  “You only have an hour to talk.  Make the most of it, and remember that we are always watching over you.” After leaving a message, the warden left and locked the door from outside.  It was true he was watching from behind the glass wall.  His gaze was fixed on the two young men in the room.  "It's been five years, you haven't changed, Devan."  Unexpectedly, the inmat
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Chapter 8 : In My Own Way
The sound of hurried footsteps echoed through the hospital hall.  Splitting the crowd, the twins rushed towards the indicated space. Seeing a Devan in a hurry is a rare sight. But it certainly isn't any rarer than seeing a gold medal winner in the Interschool Swimming Olympics lying in hospital from drowning.  Now almost all the children of the swimming club gathered just to see this rare event. "Deandra!  Where's Dean?!  How is he?" Ivan shouted excitedly.  His gaze swept around the infirmary which was filled with people.  Then it stopped right at Deandra who was lying unconscious on the bed.  On Dean's side, Amel sat faithfully waiting for his consciousness. "Not aware yet."  Said one of Deandra's club friends. Without responding, Ivan stepped past the few students and headed straight for the side of the bed.  He patted Amel's shoulder to calm her down.  Even though i
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Chapter 9 : From Father To Son
"Your condition has improved.  So you don't have to stay overnight.  But if you want to stay overnight it's also not a problem.  At the very least, call your guardian first, okay?” A doctor smiled kindly.  Successful young man with a stethoscope around his neck. "Yes Doctor, thank you!" In response, Dean also carved the same smile.  While busy re-buttoning his top which had been opened due to a brief inspection earlier. "Since it's late, you should call your parents.  Especially this little girl here."  said the doctor, turning around.  Precisely to the young girl standing by his side. "Yes Doctor."  Amel – the young girl, smiled and nodded. Before they could speak further, the three of them were turned around by a knock on the door.  There a beautiful nurse was seen standing and looking at the doctor in their midst. "Excuse me!&nbs
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