Rebellion: Ascenders Analysis

Ascenders are creatures with the soul signature of the fallen Mad Prime, the one we all know as Trixius the Great. But aside from that, Ascenders are creatures with a known rate of exponential growth in strength, That is a spirit being of only a few months old may yet have the power of the one who has cultivated for a thousand years. 

Such a thing is only possible due to the presence of the bond with the soul remnant of Trixus inhabiting the soul of another being. More often than not, a reincarnated soul. 

Why this has to be the case where the soul remnant needs a reincarnated soul or even why it reincarnates soul , we may not yet be in the clear but at least, we are sure that this is how it operates. 

This information had taken a lot of time and observation to come together to piece and of course, with the cooperation of the Worlds below who have the presence o f the Soul remnants most pronounced. 

It was known to the world below, som

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