Rebellion: Devastation

The memory was sharp and hurting in Ralia/s subconscious. It had to be. It was the memory of the one person that had chosen to take her side, only for the disastrous end that came upon him. And to think that she had not been strong enough. 

To think that an Ascender like her would have to face issues as little as that. 

When Liria had first identified and illustrated all that was about her, Ralia had the notion that she was just about to become the most powerful of all beings.

Maybe not as powerful as that but at least, being that she was an Ascender, she had thought she would be untouchable. Unhindered. Invincible,.

Just like Trixius the Great had been then. She had thought that the fact that she had a soul remnant of him would mean that she had discovered a g


One more chapter and we end Ralia's arc. It has been fun, knowing she really is. And wow, we have an Author's note now, I am excited to use this rather than typing it out in my story.

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