Steal and Run

"No buts!” Hana said, although her face did not agree with her. "The boat isn't going to fly itself."

She had an extremely worried look on her face even as she held onto the shoulder of Shin. However, she had been the one who had advocated that they ought to trust that the First Born would be enough. So now that he was claiming the same thing, then, she had to make sure she believed him. Even as much as she was willing to make Shin believe too.

 Shin slowly followed the nudging of Hana even though hi face showed that eh did nto want to do that. However, based on how she had spoken, he could feel that some of the reason which Hana was speaking from was truly convicting. And so, he had to believe it as well.

After all, this was the First Born here. And as the First Born, there was bound to be so many tricks up his sleeves.

“You had better take the out and stop the reinforcements , otherwise they would never allow our ship to leave the harbor. We’re


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