The Alpha and Upstart

It is simply unheard of? To be able to tame both energies in a being? Absolutely nonsense.

But yet, even the Solitary Ruler of the Allied Beastkin Realm had done it. He has destroyed all we thought or believed was true and established new rules.

The times are changing, you hear? I say, the times are changing. In times past, both energies would ravage each other, eating into the systems of the tainted being in a bid to out do each other. Many at a times, those who could withstand the destructive effect of the taint end up being spiritually crippled, unable to advance their soul class any further.

But the Beast kin ruler, Bello has done it. He has not only tamed the light and dark energies of creation and darkness, he has also being able to create a new law from it.

The Law of Annihilation. Even the name is enough to spread fear to potential opponents. This law, from what the Solitary Leader was able to let out has merely one principle, the principle of Annihilation.

You know what this spells for me? Not only will I be able to ascend once more, I will also be able to manipulate Both energies to access the combined Law of Annihilation. It's wonderful, daughter, absolutely wonderful.


Excerpt From:

A letter to Ibiyemi, General of the BlueMoon Mercenary Alliance House by Ex-General Afolarin.


Virulent Tailed Hound -Common Type 

Max Soul Stage: Ground

Max Energy: 73

Ability: Poison Spiked Tail


A new variety of the Ironspike Tailed Dog. The hound is capable of infusing poison into the iron spikes at the edge of its tail, dealing continuous damage whenever tail makes impact on foe. 



Just that?

I can clearly see the attribute of the poison clam being dominant here but what happened to the Fire ability of the Salamander?

Don't tell me it's deficient?

'Yasmin, why is the virulent Tailed hound not showing any attribute of the Salamander?' Bayo asked, mental fatigue tugging at him.

He had anticipated so much but this?

'In the simulation of bloodlines, certain traits tend to be pushed further down the evolution table in other for the formation of a successful specie to take place. In this case, the Fire Breathing Salamander's bloodline is not required.'


So much for planning for the alpha!

Wait, come to think of it, why didn't I pitch in the ability of the glowspike Rat?

'Yasmin, combine the ability of the Glow Spike Rat into the new bloodline of the Virulent Tailed Hound.' Bayo mentally commanded.


After some minutes of silence and technical gibberish from Yasmin, Bayo settled on some fishes again, eating and yawning afterwards.

'Simulation Completed! New Specie Created.'

What? New specie?

What happens then to the Virulent Bloodline?

'Show me the analysis.'


Latent Stealth Dog -Common Type

Max Soul Stage: Ground

Max Energy Level: 33

Ability: Motion sensing, Heat infused Tail


A further evolution of the Virulent Tailed Hound, this Dog bears further resemblance to the IronSpike Tailed Dog howbeit with more evolutionary advantages. 

Beware of its Tail.



I guess this makes sense. Getting a form that is further distant from the regular Dog will make me more of a threat than a relative to the pack. 

A form that bears semblance allowing me to blend in whilst giving me the advantages I want.

Even though, the poison clam bloodline is outclassed here, but the dog still stands strong.

But Mehn! 

The Alpha has an max energy of 40. The Virulent favours me more but even after winning, there's little chance I will be allowed into the pack, talk less of Jaspar finding me.

'Yasmin, evolve me into the latent stealth dog.'

'Acknowledged. This transformation will cost a total of 30 energy points.'

'Are you crazy, Yasmin? First you cheat me of my cultivation, now yuh want to steal energy again.'

Sighing Yasmin replied. 'The changing of forms will require energy to be used up, usually for soul adaptation to new form. Understand that I am doing you a favour here by over riding your adaptation time with the expenditure of energy, which you happen to have in excess.' The Soul genie ranted.

Yasmin was pissed and he could feel it already. The way the soul genie had replied made me seem like an ingrate but hey, he was the one growing bloodlines so it wasn't like he  was just hoarding energy. Energy meant a lot to me now.

'Besides, why didn't you absorb that much energy for my second transformation?' Bayo countered.

'That is because Evolution to a stronger form will require more energy expenditure for soul...'

'Okay... okay... stop, damnit. You win. Make me weak and evolve me again.' Bayo nodded.

Yasmin May have had a point but he was just an innocent soul trying to survive.

Well, maybe not innocent.


The atmosphere blurred as Bayo picked speed, racing through the cliff plains towards the hedge of rocks some meters opposite his resource pool. 

Getting closer, he could see IronSpike Tailed Dogs perking up their ears, watching him advance. From their position, they seemed to have circled a cave with a large rounded stone in front, no doubt, for the alpha.

Bayo paused, guilt stabbing at his mind. Social Dogs or rather wolves living in packs are usually some sort of nuclear family arrangement with a population of 8-15. 

So if he was darting in on this family, just to throw off the dad-Dog, did that not make him a murderer?

Hey, cool off, Bayo.

It's not like the Alpha will just succumb to you after all. This is the jungle, all's fair in it.

With the guilt shoved aside, Bayo trudged onwards to the cave, snarling as best as he could even as the other dogs watched.

Just as he got to the cave entrance, a bulkier figure stepped out, majestically eyeing him.

With fluffy hairs, the Alpha looked at Bayo observing the new comer carefully.

After a while, it snorted, pulling its bulky self to climb the stone in front, peeking into the distance.

'Yasmin, what's happening? Is the alpha not meant to be territorial? I mean, showing that's he the boss here?'

'That should have happened. However, I am observing ripples your soul is tearing into reality. It appears that you have been considered part and parcel of this pack, all thanks to your soul.'

Damn You, Soul.

I don't need this now.

I wanted to have the advantage of distance but now you have merged me as part of them.


Exasperated, Bayo barked, attracting the attention of the nearby dogs. This wasn't what he had planned.

Get to the park, expect the alpha to be territorial and rushing to attack him, before luring it into the Wild where he had the advantage. 

But now, he had to make the first hit and in the plains too? Where would his stealth bonus come in then?

Well, change is constant and we all must adapt. 

Just then, the Alpha turned back, watching Bayo, a fierce glint to its eyes. It barked a reply and Bayo howled, instinctively, pulling the entire pack closer.

For a split second, he saw the eyes of the Alpha flicker.

'That's challenge accepted right, Yasmin?'


Game On!

In a sudden flurry of paws, Bayo flew across the the plain, pain rippling through his chest along raked lines.

'Damn You, Alpha!' Bayo spluttered weakly, painfully dragging himself up.


My precious energy!

Quickly, he queried Yasmin on his stats.


Latent Stealth Dog

Soul Stage: Basic

Energy Level: 43/33

Growth stage: cub (1/3)

Growth Progress: 45/50

Ability: Motion sensing, Heat infused Tail

Law: Not Applicable(Law of Gluttony)



Before coming here, he had an energy seating at 53 but with that singular swipe of claws, that alpha had stolen 10 points off him.


But again, he was only a cub, couldn't that alpha had pitied him? But wait, damnit, he should have waited till he was at least a young adult before coming up here.

He had to get out of here, fast.

Snorting, he scrambled to his paws and began hightailing it when he noticed the Alpha howled, bolting perpendicularly to his race line.

Wait, was this stupid dog trying to cut him off?

'Look, Dog Alpha, I only came to try my luck, okay? Just let me go and you will never see me here, at least for now, No?' 

Just then, the Alpha closed in, swinging around to present its tail for a crumpling smash.

'Boy, I know that move.' Bayo spoke mentally, presenting his business side of his butt for a counter clash. As he did, he sensed a rushing of warm feeling spreading from his abdomen into the tail.


Both tails clashed, the heavier and sturdy tail of Alpha rammed Bayo's tail away, the momentum throwing him off balance.

The Alpha Growled, froth forming at its mouth as it glared at the feeble attempt to counter him.

'Even with the activation of Heat infused tail?' Bayo whimpered, unable to believe his luck.

Yes, he knew he had no chance currently but he had thought his ability would make the difference. 

If it did at all, then the Doggie didn't show it.

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