Challenging The Alpha

Dear Sunday, I heard that you have been able to descend down into the earth on the mission I had sent you. I congratulate you on that. Arlan sends his greetings and the Lightning Sage also. Even Second Prime, Anu, too.

We are all happy that you were able to go through Orun Apaadi, supported by your friends in every aspect.

It must feel good for you to finally be out of Your father's skin, I guess. But you should know that The Elder has always wanted what's best. He only lacks the way to go about it.

However, Sunday, I am very worried that your descent is the beginning of many other things. Orun is in turmoil and there has been more demon infestation of recent times and we, the irunmoles have being really over stretched.

But that is not my main concern. We can hold our own and are already launching a purge campaign down to the lower parts of Orun based on Orisha Iku request. I am actually worried that The High Council would come after you, based on their idealism that you contain darkness.

I do not entirely trust divinations, Sunday. And if I do, I believe that Destinies can be changed.

Be on the look out, keep sharp and get stronger. For I fear, the wrath of the High Council is going to descend hot on you. Inasmuch as I would want to help, I am crippled by my standing as Third Prime in the High Council. I hope you understand, Sunday.

Niniola sends her greetings.

Keep on spreading the light.


Culled From:

A letter forwarded via Arlan, to the Irunmole Emergency Segment(IES) Camp on Earth to Sunday. 

Written by Third Prime, Maerius 

————-  ———

The Fire breathing Salamander croaked in aches as it dragged itself to a pool of water. With effort, it dipped it head in, lapping up some drink before nodding, satisfied. 

After a while, it dived into the pool, appearing at the other side with a struggling grey scaled fish. It nodded, reptilian satisfaction written all over it as it bit into the fish.

Oh Nom Nom Nom.

Give me your Energy!

Over the past five days, Bayo had made the pool, his 'resource pool' his abode. Only venturing out to hunt for bloodlines. And in the course of those days, he'd fought several creatures and absorbed energy readily. Twice or thrice, he had almost exploded with energy  with about 100 points of energy.

Thankfully, he had been able to quickly divert the energy into growing the horned Hind Bear bloodline into 95% percent. 

Come to think of it, that horned Hind Bear cost so much to regrow. Even though Yasmin had told him regrowing a bloodline will cost thrice the max energy of the creature but still, it was horrendous.

Expending over 300 points of energy?

Luckily, he had a resource pool that kept on feeding him energy except bloodlines. 


Besides laws and soul stages, for him, bloodline was everything. And he had amassed quite alot.

Nodding back, he remembered the stupid Salamander that had wandered into his pool just minutes ago. Immediately, his instincts fired up and he attacked the Salamander with raked claws.

Which was a mistake he never anticipated.

Quickly, the offending partner had unleashed a breath of flames, roasting half of him even as he evaded.

The strength of Ground Class.

Since then Bayo had noticed that his current soul stage at Basic Class was a great hindrance to him as it made his flame breathing ability harder than it was meant to be and his flames less powerful.

Still he was not going to leave his pool in defeat. Coupled with his human intellect, he had dived into the pool, luring the Salamander in. In quick paced motion, he tore at the Salamander just as it was landing in, pushing its head down into the murky soil, inadvertently suffocating the reptile.

He had to ascend, no doubt about that!

And he was working towards that already.

'Yasmin, show me the available bloodlines. Please don't show me bloodlines of these fishes. Okay? And any other insignificant bloodlines except the rat own. 

Basically, all bloodlines with promising abilities.'

'Would you like to analyze this creatures with Max Soul Stages?' 

'Yes, even better!'


Bloodline Stored

Fire breathing Salamander(current) 

-Ground Class | 45


Ironspike Tailed Dog - Ground Class |17(Complete)


Glow spike Rat -Early Ground Class (Complete) |15

Horned Hind Bear - Early Ground Class(Incomplete- Growing 95%) |153


Yellow crested Wolf- Middle Ground Class ( incomplete- Growing 12%) | 693


Ivory Tooth Bunny - Early Elite Class (Incomplete) | 



Metal plated Dip Eagle-  Late Elite Class (Incomplete -Growing 16%) | 5, 894


Lightning Fist Chimp -Early Omni Class (Incomplete) | 27,550

(Bloodlines can be mixed, merged or deleted in the achievement of a greater evolution)


From the analysis he had been seeing, Bayo had come to understand that Bloodlines were the actual determinant of soul growth. A creature with a bloodline limited at Ground Class, except with the aid of external stimuli could not exceed Ground Class.

However, bloodlines with higher Class Limit was definitely what he was shooting for except that his fights with these creatures had always been a lucky one.

And being a life conservationist, he would rather grow the bloodlines instead of obtaining complete bloodline genetics with his weak form.

Nodding, he observed that the max energy for his Salamander form had been pushed from 35 to 45, and addition of 10 points more. Not that it mattered much as his soul was capable of over riding the constraints allowing him take in more energy, however at a cost. But with an extended limit he could take in about 75 points of energy without having to face imminent explosion.

Gah! Too much of everything is bad.

Ignoring that, he focused on the stats on the mental screen. Currently, his most powerful form was the lightning fist chimp with a maximum soul growth of Omni Class and energy in twenty seven thousand.

With that, he was certain he could best that Sky Gargolye anywhere.

'Yasmin, show me the bloodline summary analysis that you usually show after each bloodline stats excluding bloodline origins for every form starting from Middle Ground Class Max.'


—— —-

Yellow crested Wolf -Common Type

Max Soul Stage: Ground Class(Middle)

Max Energy: 693

Ability: Heated claws


The yellow crested wolf is enhanced variety of the regular Common Type wolf capable of diverting some of its energy into super heated steam that charge up its claws before attacks. Maxs it soul growth at Ground Class


Ivory Tooth Bunny - Common Type

Max Soul stage: Elite Class (Early) | 

Max Energy: 1,850


The Bunny is famed for its possession of ivory  tooth, giving its teeth a metal glint. This creature have evolved over time due to being hunted for its tooth, gaining intelligence for self preservation.


Metal plated Dip Eagle-  Mythic Type

Max Soul Stage: Elite Class(Late) | 

Max Energy: 5, 894

Law: Law of War; 

Principle: Fervor

The eagle is a fervent believer in the law of war, utilizing the principle of fervor in gaining speed bursts and metal protection. This creature will lurk in the shadows awaiting the perfect time to dip and strike its prey from above.


Lightning Fist Chimp - Rare Type 

Max Soul Stage: Early Omni Class(Early)| 

Max Energy level: 27,550

Ability: Able to enlarge its fists - Bulky Fist

Law: Law of Lightning

Principles: Retribution


Big on attacks, this nomadic chimp will fry its opponents before actually dealing damage with its enlargeable heavy bulky fists. Coupled with its earnest understanding of the Law of Lightning, principle of retribution, it is nigh unstoppable. 

This Chimp is however very lacking in intelligence.



Bayo sighed, exhaling some of his mental fatigue. 

So far, so good, those were the bloodlines he had being able to amass. Even though, he had being using hit and run tactics for the creatures. Attacking them with either of his forms and running to the pool to charge himself, then running off to battle again.

That way was totally efficient against the Yellow crested wolf.

The bloodline however was not quite as exciting as he thought earlier. 

Ivory tooth Bunny?

How had he fought it? 

Yes, the poor beast was being hunted already. Weakened in its escape, it stopped at the pool for a brief drink before Bayo's territorial instincts fired and he attacked its face with his claws.

Before the beast could retaliate, an arrow had nocked into its chest and Bayo turned heel, lurking around until the bunny's tooth was extracted, leaving him a feast of free meal.

The metal plated dip eaglewas a case of murder. Hungry for bloodline, he noticed a fallen eagle chick and swiped at it.

As for the chimp, Bayo smiled, that dude was poisoned already and weak. All he just did was exhale a breath of flames before clawing out the eyes and engaging in guerilla warfare on the chimp till it slumped.

But what did it matter? All's fair in the jungle.

Just then, a howl ripped his concentration, pulling his focus outwards. The IronSpike Tailed Dogs were out hunting again. In the course of time, he had scouted the cave the dogs lived in and identified the alpha, a fluffy haired large muscular dog that had being able to push its energy max levels to 40 as well. 

But was that going to be trouble for him? 


'Yasmin, run a simulation of Iron Spike Tailed Dog with the added ability of Glowspike Rat and the poison clam. See if it's possible to add fire breathing of the Salamander.' Bayo mentally commanded.

In his mind, Bayo could see an image of the Fire Salamander and poison clam as well as the rat fusing into the image of the Ironspike Tailed Dog.

'Mapping Bloodline schematics... restructuring body organs... eliminating blood impurities... merging bloodline restriction...' Yasmin went on and on, saying a list of technical terms that were complete jargons to Bayo.

'Simulation Completed. New specie created. Would you like to see analysis?'

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