The Commander in Laprisha

"Like I said, it was a mistake on your part in bringing me up here!" The lady with white, wavy crew cut hairstyle, blasts out pointing a finger of the right to the men before her.

Her face is scowled and lips puckered up into a tight scowl. She has somewhat dark sin that contrasts against the white hair on her head. Her face is squarely, with rounded edges, having on it a broad, flat nose. 

Her eyes have purplish hues that outline them, drawing down in the shape of fangs only to end up just before the tip of the nose on her cheeks. 

She has a frock coat of blue, sleeveless, a black hoodie draped down over the back of her neck and a black jumpsuit beneath the frock coat that is all belted together by the black belt by her stomach.

Her lean, naked arms have taut muscles on them having dowters of silver engraved on blue leather pads that are strung across the elbow inner bend by a white strip of cloth.

(Dowters- Elbow pads)

Her ghostl

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