The Defeat!

‘Go, charge it from behind!’ Bayo sent his prompts to the vacant mind of the Clone that was waiting for it to fill up. When he had first started with the clones, he had failed, miserably because he was unable to grasp that the clones would need a direction before they could get on something. 

And now, some sort of mastery had come upon him, allowing him to be able to reach out to the clone which was in a way connected to his mind as a sort of submind and then urge it towards the desires he had created it for. 

And then, it charged.


As Bayo was running, the wings were closing just then, followed by the elytra of the turtle shelling. Bayo ground his teeth, doubling on his limbs to get there. iT was only a few inches and somehow, the Turtle backed sonic beetle seemed to have tired itself out which was why it was taking some time in closing down its wings and then doing the rest. 

Bayo slid himself to a rapid pause as the d

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